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Hiking through the desertHiking through the desert

How to Survive in the Desert

Travel Channel survival expert Mykel Hawke offers tips for safe desert traveling.


The 10 Driest Places on Earth

While water shortages in the U.S. make headlines, nearly 3 billion people globally suffer from droughts.

Tailgating partyTailgating party

Score a Safety (2 Points!) at Your Football Tailgating Party

7 tips — one for each point in a touchdown — to prevent mishaps before kickoff.

Snow shovelsSnow shovels

7 Ways to Prep for Winter Now

Believe it or not, September is the time to act so you're not left out in the cold later.

Drone croppedDrone cropped

Dumb Things People Have Done with Drones

Drones are starting to fill the sky — sometimes with crazy-dangerous results.

Homesick college studentHomesick college student

6 Ways to Overcome College Homesickness

Plus, advice for Mom and Dad on how to help their student adjust.

Raking leavesRaking leaves

10 Tips to Make Raking Easier

When the season leaves you no choice, follow this advice.

colorful paintcolorful paint

The Hidden Dangers in Paint

Why to choose a low VOC paint — and make sure it's certified.

group friends selfie stickgroup friends selfie stick

Death by Selfie?

There’s a reason Disney World and some entire countries have banned selfie sticks.

woman stopped by police woman stopped by police

What to Do — and Not to Do — If You’re Stopped by the Police

How to stay safe and exercise your rights.

elderly woman drivingelderly woman driving

Quiz: Are Your Driving Skills Declining?

Find out if it’s time to think about a refresher course — or hanging up the car keys.

jeep cherokee 2015jeep cherokee 2015

Remote Control: Why Your Car May Be Vulnerable to Hackers

A Jeep Cherokee hack has led to the recall of 1.4 million Fiat Chrysler vehicles.

swimmer in back of boatswimmer in back of boat

Carbon Monoxide: A Deadly Threat to Boaters

Some 800 poisonings and 140 deaths have been reported in the last 15 years.

dock lakedock lake

Dock Dangers: Experts Warn of Electrocution Risk

A young man recently died climbing out of the water onto a dock ladder. Don’t let this happen to you.

colorful ferris wheelcolorful ferris wheel

Staying Safe at an Amusement Park

Follow these tips for steering clear of an amusement park accident.