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Are Your Guy's Eating Habits Ruining Yours?

5 ways his choices could mess up your weight and your health.

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7 Ways Decluttering Improves Your Health

Plus, simple strategies to get you started.

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6 Secrets to a Healthier Shower

Why you should keep it cool, make a fast exit and lather up less often.


Quiz: When Was That Invented?

From tampons to pop-up food thermometers, take a spin through history and test your knowledge of health and safety inventions.

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How to Make Sure Kids Behave in the Car

Parents: Don't get driven to distraction by backseat shenanigans.

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Adults Need the Whooping Cough Vaccine, Too

Getting a booster shot on schedule protects vulnerable infants from deadly infections.

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The Okinawa Diet: Add These 7 Foods to Live Longer

Get a longevity boost from tofu and tea, veggies, whole grains and more.

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Break Your Addictive Food Habit

Your brain may be wired to crave sugar, fat and salt, but you can retrain your taste buds to love healthier stuff.

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Why Your Gums Are Receding

And what you can do about looking long in the tooth.

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Test Your Summer Sun Smarts

Do you know how much sunscreen to use, when to reapply or what SPF is really enough?

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Are Your Sunscreen Ingredients Safe?

Here’s what the research says about eight common ingredients.

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Dealing with "Down There" Health at College

Protect yourself from STDs, spot trouble fast and know how to get (confidential) help.


Kombucha, Kefir and Other Fermented Drinks: Bottoms Up?

Are the health claims behind these beverages legit or all air?

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Could You Have Chronic Lyme Disease?

Whether you've been treated for Lyme disease or not, find out what to do if you have what appears to be lingering symptoms.


What Your Hair Says About Your Health

Your tresses (or lack thereof) can yield clues about heart health, cancer risk, dental problems and more.