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knee painknee pain

Is it Lyme Disease?

One in five people don’t get the classic “bull’s-eye” rash.

Fractional CO2 laser skin treatmentFractional CO2 laser skin treatment

Cosmetic Surgery: How Safe Are the Face "Tweaks" You're Considering?

Considering Botox, a wrinkle-smoothing dermal filler or laser therapy for younger-looking skin? Get the safety stats.

deer tick on handdeer tick on hand

6 Ways to Prevent Lyme Disease

Discourage disease-carrying deer ticks with these six research-proven steps.

woman runnerwoman runner

Forget Brain Training — Do This For Your Memory Instead

There's a better, more effective way to sharpen your thinking.

older man not eatingolder man not eating

When Mom or Dad Stops Eating: Anorexia in the Elderly

If your parent is wasting away, learn what you can do.

running on treadmillrunning on treadmill

How to Avoid a Treadmill Accident

Steer clear of strains, sprains, burns and worse by following these expert tips.

prescription side effectsprescription side effects

These Prescription Drugs Are the Most Likely to Hurt You

Research shows 5 kinds of medications cause the most reactions.


5 Alternatives to Meditation

If saying “om” isn’t for you, break out the music, knitting needles or even your diary.

spinach and tofu spinach and tofu

Diet Rx for Stronger Bones

Why popping a calcium pill isn’t enough, and how to shore up your diet to shore up your skeleton.

spider vein treated legsspider vein treated legs

Spider Veins: Should You Get Them Zapped or Injected?

Read this before you decide to treat those squiggly lines and unfortunate starbursts.

watering houseplantwatering houseplant

Can Houseplants Really Clean the Air?

Plenty of Internet “experts” say plants help with indoor air pollution, but here’s what the research shows.

taking a bathtaking a bath

Are Baths Bad for Women?

Harsh soaps and strong perfumes can mess up your natural defenses “down there.”


Quiz: Timing is Everything!

Sometimes minutes matter when it comes to your health. So does the day and time of day. Ready, set, learn!

Woman biting her fingernailWoman biting her fingernail

Is It a Yeast Infection, Or Something Else?

How to know, and when it’s safe to handle it yourself.

microwave popcornmicrowave popcorn

The Case Against Microwave Popcorn

There might be chemicals, trans fats, and an overload of sodium and artery-clogging saturated fat in your bag.