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Hope for the best, prepare for the worstHope for the best, prepare for the worst

5 Simple Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

These resources make putting together a disaster plan easy and fast.

self defenseself defense

3 Self Defense Moves Everyone Should Know

A self defense instructor says these moves could even save your life.

lifeguard buoylifeguard buoy

6 Things Not to Do in an Emergency

In an emergency, the action that feels right — whether it’s staying to battle a fire or jumping into a lake to rescue a drowning swimmer — can be dangerously wrong.

Air ductAir duct

Do You Really Need to Clean Your Air Ducts?

Read these tips before you shell out big bucks to clean something you can’t even see.

woman worried in kitchenwoman worried in kitchen

Food Safety Fails

10 common mistakes that could make you sick.

miserable girlmiserable girl

6 Hidden Ways Your Cell Phone May Be Harming Your Health

From icky germs to relationship trouble to bike crashes, your cell phone could be dangerous in surprising ways.

testing for diabetestesting for diabetes

Warning: You Might Have Diabetes and Not Know It

Tens of millions of Americans have hidden blood sugar problems. Find out if you’re one of them.

couple on valentines daycouple on valentines day

Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Ideas

Win her (or his) heart with these healthy ways to celebrate.

girl having fashion crisisgirl having fashion crisis

8 Fashion Mistakes That Could Wreck Your Health

From stratospheric heels to super-tight jeans, these trendy fashion choices could cost you more than a credit card bill.

Fish, avocado and nutsFish, avocado and nuts

Want To Live Longer? Eat a Mediterranean Diet

A new study shows this heart-healthy and plant-based cuisine protects DNA from the effects of aging.

cellphone emergencycellphone emergency

9 Ways Your Cellphone Can Save Your Life

Get help when you’re injured or lost and avert a medical emergency with these apps and phone features.

woman unhappy with weight in mirrorwoman unhappy with weight in mirror

Could You Have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Learn how to spot the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and lower your risk of PCOS complications like infertility and diabetes.

man with a headacheman with a headache

11 Health Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore

From crankiness to chronic thirst, how to recognize little problems that sometimes mean big trouble.

on the toileton the toilet

Is Your Poop Trying to Tell You Something?

Certain bowel movement changes can signal a health problem. Here’s what to look for before you flush.

man with snoring problemsman with snoring problems

When Snoring Spells Trouble

Could your snoring signal a serious health condition?