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A doctor examines a man's skin. A doctor examines a man's skin.

6 Powerful Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risk

These prevention strategies could cut America’s cancer rate in half.

woman eating saladwoman eating salad

How to Make a Better New Year’s Resolution

Most resolutions fail. Here’s how to make sure yours doesn’t.

Children drinking milk.Children drinking milk.

Are Nondairy Milk Alternatives OK for Kids?

How to make sure kids aren’t shortchanged on vitamin D, calcium or protein.

A hand on a doorknob. A hand on a doorknob.

How to Avoid a Cold: A Virus Expert Reveals What Really Works

Dramatically lower your risk of catching the common cold by following these tips for avoiding cold viruses and boosting your immunity.

woman running in snowwoman running in snow

6 Ways to Make Your Flu Vaccine More Effective

Flu shots don’t guarantee you won’t get the flu, but you can make your vaccine work better with these tips.


The Safe Way to Use a Humidifier

How to moisten dry indoor air without making you or your family sick.

pb hershey kiss cookiespb hershey kiss cookies

Does Your Diet Contain Hidden "Franken Fats"?

Learn where heart-threatening trans fats lurk and 7 ways to avoid them.