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baseball pitcherbaseball pitcher

Safe At First: How To Protect Your Young Baseball Player From Getting Hurt

Concussions get all the press, but serious shoulder injuries are on the rise for pitchers and catchers

mother and son talking HPVmother and son talking HPV

Talking to Your Son About the HPV Vaccine

Yes, boys should get the vaccine too. Use these tips to help you discuss it.

mother talking to daughter about HPVmother talking to daughter about HPV

Talking to Your Daughter about the HPV Vaccine

This vaccine is important for your daughter’s future health, but explaining it can mean talking about sex. Learn how to handle this tricky topic.


Are Indoor Trampoline Parks Safe?

The number of trampoline parks in the United States is soaring. So are injury rates. Here’s what you need to know before you let your child go.

little boy in helmetlittle boy in helmet

Getting Ahead of Concussions

Youth sports are wildly popular, but concussions are at an all-time high. Learn how to protect your child while keeping him in the game.