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old dog no playold dog no play

Signs It May Be Time to Put Your Dog or Cat to Sleep

Try seeing the world through your dying pet’s eyes, vets say.

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Are Your Old Extension Cords a Fire Hazard?

Extension cords don’t last forever; here’s when to toss them.


How to Survive a Landslide

Watch for signs of trouble, like tilting trees and doors and windows that won’t close.

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Yes, You Can Get Hurt Cross-Country Skiing

Here, tips on how to stay upright and in one piece.

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How to Survive a Windstorm

Take these steps to protect yourself and your property.

hoverboard hoverboard

Hoverboard Concerns Heat Up

What to know before you buy, charge or ride one.

paint canspaint cans

VOC Definition: What Are These Mysterious Chemicals?

Your furniture, carpet and even your paint emit them.

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What Kind of Fire Extinguisher Do You Need, and Where?

Using the wrong type against a blaze can actually make a fire worse.

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Is Your Mobile Wallet Secure?

Paying by smartphone is the next big thing, but make sure your money and your data stay safe.


Are Rodents Wreaking Havoc with Your Home's Electrical Wiring?

Mice or squirrels in the attic or elsewhere can chew through your wires and start a fire.

turkey soupturkey soup

Tips for a Waste-Free Thanksgiving

Enjoy a bountiful feast without harming the planet.


When to Toss Your Plastic Containers

Got plastic? Know when these containers are no longer safe to use.

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Before You Buy a Gift Card, Read This

5 ways to make sure a well-meaning gesture doesn't become a worthless one.

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Why Houses Burn Faster Today, and How to Buy Yourself More Time

Find out why modern homes go up in flames so fast, and how you can slow a fire’s spread.

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Holiday Shopping: Keep Your Credit Card Data Safe

Don't let a thief or a scammer ruin your holidays before they've even started.