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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Try these tips, including homemade roach baits and repellents.

doctor speaking to familydoctor speaking to family

Do You Know Who Has Medical Power of Attorney Over You?

A trusted health care agent will speak up for you if you can't make decisions for yourself.

Two blue parakeetsTwo blue parakeets

Budgie Care: How to Help Your Parakeets Thrive

Avoid these 7 mistakes to keep your pet bird safe and happy.


How to Prepare for a Blizzard

The best time to get ready for being snowed in is long before winter arrives.

man mustache movemberman mustache movember

It's Movember — Time to Stop Shaving

Men (and women), get a move on this month to support men's health.

online hotel bookingonline hotel booking

Surprising Risks of Booking a Hotel Through an Online Travel Site

Sometimes a too-good-to-be-true travel deal is exactly that: too good to be true.

couple hiking mapcouple hiking map

What to Do if You Get Lost in the Mountains

Survival tips to get you home safely.

nixie selfie dronenixie selfie drone

“Selfie Drones”: Next Year's Hot Holiday Gift?

These consumer drones are on their way. Is that a good thing?

man scratching eyesman scratching eyes

How I Nearly Went Blind: Recognizing and Treating Retinal Detachment

I saw swirling blobs dancing in my vision — and at first I ignored them.

baby sippy cupbaby sippy cup

4 Reasons Your Child Should Give Up the Sippy Cup

If he's over a year old, a "big kid" cup will be healthier and safer.


How to Clean Mussels

Preparing this bearded bivalve isn’t as hard as it looks.

mosquito sunsetmosquito sunset

5 Bizarre Diseases Humans Get from Parasites

New drugs are underway for river blindness and other diseases caused by parasites, but the best medicine is still prevention.

baby in slingbaby in sling

5 Warnings for Parents Using Infant Slings

Infant slings are wonderful for bonding with baby, but they can be deadly if used too early or the wrong way.


Comic Book Storage: 6 Tips for Preserving Your Treasures

Whether it's valuable now or might be later, protect your collection.

traveler hailing taxitraveler hailing taxi

Travel Safety Tips: 6 Common Scams to Beware

Guard yourself against unscrupulous taxi drivers, phony tour guides, exchange rate cons and more.