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hiking in nepalhiking in nepal

How to Have a Safe Trek in Nepal

Enjoy accident-free adventure travels with tips from a mountain guide.

cat suitcasecat suitcase

7 Things to Consider Before Going on Vacation with Your Cat

If you think your cat is up for an adventure, start planning weeks ahead of time, experts say.


How to Survive an Avalanche

If you hike or ski in backcountry, be prepared.


Aerial Firefighters to Drone Operators: "If You Fly, We Can't"

Private drones have repeatedly disrupted firefighting efforts in California.

toddler with dogtoddler with dog

Guide to Toddler Proofing Your Dog

Train your pooch to tolerate potentially annoying behavior, such as poking and tail pulling.

Backpacking equipmentBackpacking equipment

13 Tips for Green Camping

Eco ideas for an Earth-friendly escape

dog under blanketdog under blanket

Is My Dog Depressed?

Like people, canines may suffer from the blues.

Marvin Hambrick, 4, wears his dad's working gloves after a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, in May 2015Marvin Hambrick, 4, wears his dad's working gloves after a tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, in May 2015

Preparing for a Disaster: Tips from the American Red Cross

Hurricanes, fires, floods — would you be ready?

young gymnast on balance beamyoung gymnast on balance beam

Is Your Young Gymnast Overtraining?

Overdoing it can stunt growth and cause stress fractures and more.

Two proud members of the School Safety PatrolTwo proud members of the School Safety Patrol

AAA's School Safety Patrol: Saving Lives for 95 Years

Elementary school kids are everyday heroes in this program.

DIY electricianDIY electrician

DIY Electrical Wiring: Scary Reasons Not to Try This at Home

Electricians share horror stories of wiring projects gone wrong.

Giant hurricane seen from outer spaceGiant hurricane seen from outer space

How to Prepare for a Hurricane: 10 Myths about These Deadly Storms

If you think you should tape your windows, crack them open or head to a high floor, think again.

Man looking at bill in shockMan looking at bill in shock

Force-Placed Insurance: Homeowners Beware

Your mortgage lender could force you to buy overpriced insurance you don’t even need.

student loan debt student loan debt

Need Student Loan Forgiveness? Try These Programs

Many teachers, volunteers and others qualify for debt forgiveness.

blue fin tunablue fin tuna

Radioactive Fukushima Tuna? Scientists Say Not to Worry

You’d have to eat 2½ tons of this tuna a year to have a problem, expert says.