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dog chewing bootdog chewing boot

Doggone Leather: Will Eating Your Shoes Hurt Your Pooch?

How to protect your dog from his chewing fixation.

man climbingman climbing

New Climbers: Avoid These (Pit)falls

How to reach the peak (and back) without an accident.

almond breeze milkalmond breeze milk

What’s Really in Almond Milk?

You may be getting far less “almond” and far more “filler” than you think.

campfire marshmallowscampfire marshmallows

Avoiding Campfire Burns

Hot pan handles and day-old embers could spoil your fun if you’re not careful.

roof damageroof damage

Is Your House Hurricane Ready?

Don’t wait until a superstorm is imminent to take action.

girl college phonegirl college phone

12 Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe at College

Don't let thieves swipe your laptop, smartphone or gaming system when you're not looking.

toilet paper pillstoilet paper pills

How to Stay Regular While Traveling

7 ways to make sure you can go number two.

couple hospital visitcouple hospital visit

Hospital Visitors: How to Stay Safe While Visiting a Loved One

Plus, how to not make the patient sicker.

A jar of cash on the tableA jar of cash on the table

How to Build a Retirement Account When You're Self-Employed

Save now or pay later, experts say.

colorful ice creamcolorful ice cream

Allergic to Eggs? Avoid These Hidden Sources

From pretzels to frosting to shampoo, eggs lurk in some unexpected places.

first responder earthquakefirst responder earthquake

What to Do After an Earthquake

Dealing with aftershocks, injuries, home damage and more.

earthquake cityearthquake city

What to Do During an Earthquake

Why you shouldn’t stand in a doorway, and what you should do to emerge unscathed.

key passwordkey password

Want More Secure Email? Consider Encryption

To really protect your email from spying eyes, IT experts say this is the way to go.

Home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Chadwick, N.J.Home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Chadwick, N.J.

8 Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Hazards After a Superstorm Hits

CO poisonings surge after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy. Learn how to protect yourself.