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trek bicycletrek bicycle

Have a Trek Bike? Nearly 1 Million Were Just Recalled

Certain Trek bikes are being recalled in the United States and Canada after a rider was left paralyzed.

safe driving conceptsafe driving concept

Drive Safe, Arrive Alive

Use these tips to make yourself a more prepared driver — the life you save could be your own.


A Walk on the Wild Side: Keeping Your Kids Safe at the Zoo

Follow these safety tips when taking your child to the zoo so he can enjoy majestic wild animals without getting hurt.

beechnut recall product resizebeechnut recall product resize

Beech-Nut Recalls Certain Baby Food Products

There may be small pieces of glass the jar.

heimlich maneuverheimlich maneuver

What to Do if You or Someone Else is Choking

Keep your cool, follow this advice, and you could save a life.

car washcar wash

Feds to GM Owners: Wash Your Car

Vehicles from 2007 and earlier may have brake failure due to corrosion.

happy woman on scalehappy woman on scale

Tips and Tricks for Healthy Weight Loss

Get the skinny on dropping pounds the safe and effective way

bob stewart kidney donorbob stewart kidney donor

Man Takes to the Road to Find His Wife a Kidney Donor

Inspired? What to know about being an organ donor.

amy's kitchen lasagnaamy's kitchen lasagna

Amy’s Kitchen Recalls Products Because of Possible Listeria Contamination

Products containing spinach, including certain lasagna, pizza and rice bowl meals, are included.

cleaning windowcleaning window

Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Use this time to banish allergens, clean your carpet, disaster-proof your garage and even rid yourself of clutter.

french friesfrench fries

14 Surprising Places Gluten Hides

Gluten’s in way more than just bread and pasta. Check your fridge, pantry and plate for these stealthy sources.

cars in parking lotcars in parking lot

Don’t Be a Victim: Stay Safe in Parking Lots and Garages

Parking lots and garages are a favorite haunt of thieves. Protect yourself and your car by following these tips.

fire extinguisherfire extinguisher

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Fire Extinguisher Would Save Your Life

The wrong fire extinguisher or one that’s old or broken might as well be a doorstop.

heart in appleheart in apple

ABCs for a Healthy Heart

Learn tricks for lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol and tips for living the (heart-healthy) life.

happy couple eating icecreamhappy couple eating icecream

Love Central

Sex and relationships have a profound effect on our health and well-being. Discover tips for staying safe and happy.