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get screenedget screened

Women: Are You Due for a Screening?

Check this handy chart to find out which tests you need when.

checking blood pressurechecking blood pressure

Is Your Blood Pressure in Check?

Only half of people with high blood pressure have it under control.

group of petsgroup of pets

The Pet Owner's Guide

All the resources dog, cat, and even hamster owners need to raise happy, healthy pets.

portable generatorportable generator

Portable Generators to Blame for Hundreds of Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Protect yourself by making sure you’re using yours safely.

man looking in refrigeratorman looking in refrigerator

How to Keep Your Food Safe During a Power Outage

Find out how long your food will keep if you lose power — and how to make it last longer.


An Avocado a Day Helps Keep Bad Cholesterol Away

Try these five recipes to get your daily serving of avocado.

Contact lensContact lens

5 Ways to Take Smarter Care of Your Contacts

Do you wear contact lenses? You might be caring for them wrong and not even know it.

babyistter with little boybabyistter with little boy

7 Things To Put In Writing For The Babysitter

The less your sitter has to remember, the better able she’ll be to keep your kids safe and happy.

alcohol poisoning infographicalcohol poisoning infographic

Surprising Facts about Alcohol Poisoning

Learn who is affected most by alcohol poisoning deaths and which states have the highest rates.

woman freezing in the coldwoman freezing in the cold

Your Cold-Weather Survival Guide

Baby, it’s cold outside. Learn how to keep your house, your pets and your family safe.


It's Not Too Late to Make a Resolution for 2015

Use these tips to help you succeed.

Family in front of a homeFamily in front of a home

Is Your Family Safe from Radon?

Many families don’t test for radon in the home, but here’s why they should.

woman smelling gross leftoverswoman smelling gross leftovers

Quiz: Toss It Or Eat It?

See if you know how long foods last on the counter, in the fridge and in the freezer.

yogurt parfaityogurt parfait

5 Tasty Ways to Eat More Yogurt

This creamy treat could lower your risk for Type 2 diabetes by 18 percent.