U.S. Food and Drug Administration

black licoriceblack licorice

Black Licorice: Trick or Treat?

An old fashioned treat that can be harmful if you eat too much.

making a saladmaking a salad

Colorectal Cancer: What You Should Know

Protect yourself and reduce your risk to the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths.

frozen pizzafrozen pizza

How Safe is That Ready Made Meal?

This simple quiz can help keep you healthy.

breast pumpbreast pump

Breast Pumps: Don't Be Misled - Get the Facts

Considering a breast pump? Get the answers to your questions below to ensure the safety of your pump/

henna tattoohenna tattoo

Temporary Tattoos May Put You at Risk

Consumers have reported bad reactions after the application of black henna temporary tattoos.

easter lilieseaster lilies

Keep Lilies Away From Your Cats

Here's what you need to know if your cat eats one of these poisonous flowers.

girl with allergiesgirl with allergies

Allergy Relief for Your Child

If your child's "cold" lasts for weeks, it could end up being allergies.

clean kitchenclean kitchen

Keep Listeria Out of Your Kitchen

With all of the recent food recalls, be sure to follow these tips so you can keep you and your family safe.

neti potneti pot

Is Rinsing Your Sinuses Safe?

Neti pots are used to rinse the nasal passages and are a treatment for congested sinuses, colds and allergies

woman at refrigeratorwoman at refrigerator

Refrigerator Thermometers: Cold Facts about Food Safety

Don't put you or your family in jeopardy of foodborne illnesses by making these refrigerator mistakes.

blue bell icecreamblue bell icecream

FDA Investigates Listeria monocytogenes in Ice Cream Products from Blue Bell Creameries

Listeriosis is potentially linked to certain Blue Bell Creameries single serving products.

bee pollenbee pollen

Some Bee Pollen Weight Loss Products Are a Dangerous Scam

Products promising to help you lose weight that contain bee pollen might actually harm you.

colorful contact lenscolorful contact lens

Decorative Contact Lenses: Is Your Vision Worth It?

Keep these tips in mind when choosing decorative contact lenses.

treating head licetreating head lice

Treating Head Lice

Supsect your child has lice? Check with a nit comb.


Can an Aspirin a Day Help Prevent a Heart Attack?

An aspirin can be the trick for some people, but it's not for everyone.