Skip the knife — and getting your hands messy with pumpkin meat — and try one of these easy, kid-friendly ways to decorate pumpkins this fall. Be sure to buy more than one pumpkin if you want to let the kids experiment.

Remember, always supervise children, and don't let younger children near potentially dangerous tools such as a hot glue gun.

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tape pumpkinUse washi tape. Real Simple suggests using long strips of washi tape to create a geometric or plaid pattern on the pumpkin. Washi tape is a type of masking tape with designs on it. You can buy small rolls of it at any craft store. Only have masking tape? Grab a sharpie and draw colors or patterns on it before taping it to the pumpkin. (Photo: Real Simple/Real Simple)

glitter pumpkinShower it with glitter. Make your pumpkin sparkly with gold glitter. Paint the pumpkin in a light color and wait for it to dry completely. Brush Mod Podge (craft glue) over the top. Before the glue dries, shake the glitter on. It's a kid-friendly, not very messy activity and your pumpkin will look great on a mantle. Cook & Craft Me Crazy shows you the steps. (Photo: Cook & Craft Me Crazy/Cook & Craft Me Crazy)

donut pumpkinsMake it a donut. These donut pumpkins look so much like the real thing, it's spooky. Break off the stem of the pumpkin, paint the pumpkin in a cream color and add "icing" in your favorite "flavor" at the top. Once it's dry, add the beads (or sprinkles) using craft glue or a hot glue gun. Find the full instructions over at HGTV.
(Photo: HGTV/HGTV)

Dip it in confetti. A little craft glue and a ton of confetti can go a long way when it comes to decorating a pumpkin. Stop by your local crafts store and pick up some confetti (sequins or small buttons work, too). To start, spray paint your pumpkin with your favorite color in a well-ventilated area. (Keep the kids away.) Once dry, brush a bit of craft glue on a corner of the pumpkin, then add as much or as little confetti as you want. See Studio DIY for full instructions. Of course, keep small children away from choking hazards such as buttons.

confetti pumpkins

(Photo: Studio DIY/Studio DIY)

pumpkin mummyCreate an adorable mummy. Using 4x12 cheesecloth squares, you can create the most adorable mummy with your pumpkin. First apply fabric stiffener to the cheesecloth. Then wrap the pumpkin completely, without covering the stem. Finish up by gluing on googly eyes and a few more strips to cover part of the eyes and any other imperfections. Let dry and paint with glow-in-the-dark paint for the perfect Halloween effect. For more detailed instructions, visit Better Homes and Gardens. (Photo: Better Homes and Gardens /BHG)

painted face pumpkinPaint a cute face on it. Trace the drawing you want on the pumpkin with a pencil. Then let your child paint within the lines to create a fun face. Use a variety of colors and brushes for a cute no-carve pumpkin. (Photo: Polk State College/Polk State College)

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