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Dog on underwater treadmill hydrotherapyDog on underwater treadmill hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy for Dogs: Could It Help Your Pooch?

If your dog is old, achy, injured or just overweight, consider taking the plunge.

Baby in crib spread outBaby in crib spread out

Is Co-Sleeping With Your Baby Safe?

Bed sharing is a no-no for good reasons. There are safer ways to nurse, soothe and bond with your newborn.

Crying baby in cribCrying baby in crib

Solving the Sleepless Baby Nightmare

Baby won’t stop crying? Don’t lose your wits. Here’s what to do.

Boys basketballBoys basketball

Sports Parents: Are You Poisoning the Game?

If you're one of the loudmouths or hotheads at your child's games, here's why — and how — to change your ways.

Kid with sunscreen on his backKid with sunscreen on his back

Kids and Sunscreen: The Latest Advice

What the new rules are, and why

Sleeping pregnant womanSleeping pregnant woman

8 Ways to Get the Sleep You Need for a Healthy Pregnancy

Sleep deprivation boosts the chances of a premature baby or C-section. Here’s how to get the zzzz's you need.

grey cat eating foodgrey cat eating food

Is Your Cat Overweight?

How to make your favorite furball less round

Dalmatian at the vetDalmatian at the vet

13 Health Symptoms Dog Owners Should Never Ignore

What your dog’s restlessness, skin issues and tummy trouble could be trying to tell you.

Two boys at summer campTwo boys at summer camp

How to Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp

Ease the stress and separation anxiety (including your own) with these expert tips.

coach watching batter coach watching batter

Aggressive Coaches: What Parents Can Do

If a youth sports coach is verbally or physically abusive or pushes too hard, it’s time to act.

Pug with bulging eyesPug with bulging eyes

Is Your Dog Stressed Out?

When life is ruff for your canine companion, here’s how to help him relax.

dog with umbrella and rain bootsdog with umbrella and rain boots

How to Provide for Your Pet After You Die

By creating a pet trust or providing for him in your will, you can make sure he'll be cared for.

Little girl with her dogLittle girl with her dog

How to Choose the Best Dog for Your Kids

There’s much more to consider than just the dog’s breed.

Baby carrierBaby carrier

Choosing the Best Baby Carrier for You And Your Baby

Frame style, soft style, slings — each can free your hands while keeping baby safe, if you use it right.

Baby getting diaper changedBaby getting diaper changed

Smarter, Safer Ways to Change Your Baby’s Diaper

Keep your baby safe and his bottom happy when doing the dirty deed.