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Cat carrierCat carrier

7 Cat Carrier Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

These tips can keep the fur from flying and help you get your cat into a carrier safely.

Kids washing a carKids washing a car

Handy Helpers: Safe Chores for Kids by Age

Children learn life lessons and get a self-esteem boost when they help around the house

dog on computer dog on computer

Is It Safe to Buy Pet Medication Online?

Even if you’re just buying heartworm tablets or flea and tick meds, read this first.

cat drinking watercat drinking water

Diagnosing and Treating Diabetes in Pets

Learn the signs so you can pick up on if your dog may have diabetes.

dog with vetdog with vet

2 Vaccines Your Dog Absolutely Needs, and 4 He Might

A veterinarian offers advice to help you decide which vaccines are right for your pooch.

students on campusstudents on campus

Preventing Sexual Assault at College

How parents can help keep their college student stay safe from predators.

Dog and woman on beachDog and woman on beach

How to Choose the Right Dog for Your Lifestyle

Don’t just pick the cutest pup — consider your habits, and find a dog that fits them.

easter lilieseaster lilies

Keep Lilies Away From Your Cats

Here's what you need to know if your cat eats one of these poisonous flowers.

Dog yawning at dinner tableDog yawning at dinner table

The Downsides of Homemade Dog Food

If you're not careful, cooking from scratch could do your pooch more harm than good.

one directionone direction

How Parents Can Help One Direction Fans Cope With Grief

A family psychologist says some kids and teens are truly in pain over the departure of singer Zayn Malik.

baseball pitcherbaseball pitcher

Safe At First: How To Protect Your Young Baseball Player From Getting Hurt

Concussions get all the press, but serious shoulder injuries are on the rise for pitchers and catchers

A girl and a scooterA girl and a scooter

Don't Let Your Child Scoot His Way into the Emergency Room

How you can help prevent the injuries many kids suffer when using popular foot-powered scooters.

golden retriever in rollersgolden retriever in rollers

Is Your Dog Safe at the Groomer?

If the place you take your pooch doesn’t follow basic safety practices, he could be in for doggoned trouble.

kid picking nosekid picking nose

Kids’ Grossest Habits and How to Stop Them

From nose picking to nail biting to hair chewing, ways to help a child kick nasty behaviors.

Cat walking through pet doorCat walking through pet door

How to Keep An Outdoor Cat Safe

She’s better off indoors, but if your kitty must spend time outside, pounce on this advice.