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child with migrainechild with migraine

Could Your Child Have Migraines?

Symptoms can include nausea, abdominal pain, experts say.

Dog climbing stairsDog climbing stairs

Dog Arthritis: What Pet Owners Can Do

The right treatments and a new routine may do wonders for your arthritic dog.

picky eaterpicky eater

6 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters

Dealing with picky eaters can be tricky, but here are some tips to convince kids to eat new and healthier options.

baby in bathbaby in bath

Keeping Bath Time Safe for Kids

Rubber ducky time is lots of fun, but make sure it’s also hazard-free.

Troubled teenTroubled teen

12 Dangerous “Games” Your Children Might Play

Could your teen be engaged in these risky behaviors? Here’s how to spot the warning signs.

Dog with a ballDog with a ball

Dog Toys: Which Ones Are Safest?

A playful pooch is a healthy one — but choose carefully the toys you bring home.

sad boy on stairssad boy on stairs

Could Your Son Have an Eating Disorder?

Learn the warning signs: The earlier a boy gets treatment, the better his chances of recovery.

dog fooddog food

Is Your Dog’s Food Making Him Sick?

Toxins in pet food have led to many recalls and lawsuits in recent years. Here’s how to make sure your canine’s kibble is safe — for both of you.

Baby in bathBaby in bath

6 Ways to Prevent Scald Burns in Kids

Keep your kid out of hot water by taking extra precautions around steamy liquids.

babysitter and little boybabysitter and little boy

How to Hire the Best Babysitter for Your Child

Give yourself peace of mind when putting your little treasure in someone else’s care.

baby at pediatricianbaby at pediatrician

How to Choose a Pediatrician

Baby on the way? 5 important things to consider when searching for the perfect doctor for your new addition.

Dog wants to go for a walk.Dog wants to go for a walk.

The Right Way to Walk Your Dog

Keep a leash on the risks with these tips from experts.

boy on bikeboy on bike

Should Parents Give Kids Small Freedoms, Like Walking to the Park Alone, Even if There Are Some Risks?

Free-range parenting is a growing trend. Do you think giving kids some small freedoms outweighs the risks?

Thumbs downThumbs down

Handling the Stress of College Rejection Letters

A “no” from a college is hardly the end of a promising future.

boy walking to schoolboy walking to school

Is Your Child Ready to Walk to School Alone?

It can be good for his health and his head, as long as the route is safe and he’s well prepared.