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mother and daughter playingmother and daughter playing

Moms Who Give Kids Space Have Better Relationships With Them

Allowing some freedom at age 2 reaped benefits by fifth grade.

fingers in love quiz introfingers in love quiz intro

Quiz: What’s Your Love IQ?

How love affects your heart (literally) and the rest of your body, and what science has discovered about marriage and sex.

girl being bulliedgirl being bullied

Help Your Daughter Deal With Mean Girls

Experts offer simple strategies for getting female bullies to back off.

baby in old-fashioned strollerbaby in old-fashioned stroller

How to Know if Used Baby Gear Is Safe

Read this before using that old crib, high chair, car seat or stroller.

cat clawscat claws

How to Safely Trim a Cat’s Claws

Clip your kitty’s nails and walk away without a scratch.

new catnew cat

Introducing a New Cat to Your Home

Here’s how to make the experience of bringing home a new feline family member the cat’s meow.

group of petsgroup of pets

The Pet Owner's Guide

All the resources dog, cat, and even hamster owners need to raise happy, healthy pets.

Boys in classroomBoys in classroom

How to Tell if Your Child Is the Class Bully

You may not want to entertain the idea, but given what’s at stake, swallow your pride and take a good hard look at your kid's behavior.

dogs preparing for natural disasterdogs preparing for natural disaster

Disaster Preparedness for Your Pet

If a natural disaster strikes, what will happen to your pet? Be prepared: make a plan and prepare a disaster kit for your pet.

dog bitesdog bites

How to Keep Your Child Safe from Dog Bites

Kids are the victims in 60 percent of all dog bites. Don’t let your child get bitten.

using a walkerusing a walker

Does Your Aging Parent Really Need a Walker?

Common factors that contribute to falls in older people.

A girl home aloneA girl home alone

Is Your Child Ready to Stay Home Alone?

In most cases, maturity — not age — determines if your child can handle the responsibility.

dog first aiddog first aid

Doggie First Aid Kit

Dog owners, be prepared with doggie first aid kit items, such as iodine and Benadryl, in case of an injured paw, bee sting or dog bite.

babyistter with little boybabyistter with little boy

7 Things To Put In Writing For The Babysitter

The less your sitter has to remember, the better able she’ll be to keep your kids safe and happy.

dog brushing teethdog brushing teeth

Are You Neglecting Your Dog's Teeth?

Why keeping your mutt’s mouth clean matters.