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baby fingersbaby fingers

Hair Tourniquets: What Every New Parent Should Know

Plus, 6 ways to keep babies’ fingers and toes safe.

woman swimmingwoman swimming

Surprising Risks of Common High School Sports

Plus tips for keeping your young athlete safer.

sick dogsick dog

Dog Flu Outbreaks Are Spreading to More States

Pooches in more than 25 states have come down with the flu since last spring. Is yours at risk?

Dog scratchingDog scratching

Why Is My Dog Scratching Himself?

A vet runs down 6 skin conditions that can drive your dog nuts.

monster truck showmonster truck show

Monster Truck Shows: 7 Ways to Keep Kids Safe

Gear up for roaring good family fun by using common sense and caution.

boy college laundryboy college laundry

7 Life Skills Your Teen Should Learn Before Moving Out

Have you been doing everything for your teen? Here’s why it’s time to stop.

Dog with colorful hairDog with colorful hair

Tail Docking and Ear Cropping: Should Your Dog Have "Cosmetic Surgery?"

Some surgeries are simply cruel, say animal advocates.

doula changing baby diaperdoula changing baby diaper

Pregnant? What to Know Before Hiring a Doula

A doula can be a wonderful helpmate during and after childbirth, but keep these tips in mind.

pregnant woman doctor sadpregnant woman doctor sad

Pregnant? New Mom? Get Screened for Depression

One in seven women suffers from depression during pregnancy or after.

duct tape handsduct tape hands

Duct Tape Challenge Disaster: Takeaways for Parents and Teens

A Washington boy is lucky to be alive after a game gone wrong.

cat on rugcat on rug

Secondhand Smoke Is Hazardous to Your Pet's Health

A study found dogs and cats who live in smoking homes are at increased risk for cancer and other health problems.

baby medicine syringebaby medicine syringe

Study: Medication Errors in Babies Often Behind Calls to Poison Centers

Babies under 6 months were given the wrong drug, the wrong dose and more.

active dogactive dog

Torn ACLs and Other Dog Injuries: How to Prevent Them

Even dogs can tear a ligament or suffer another sports injury.

dog behind fencedog behind fence

The FBI Will Now Track Animal Abuse

The crimes will be cataloged just as homicides and arsons are.

mom baby playingmom baby playing

Moms of Babies: Put Down that Cellphone

Too much texting and talking on your part could be bad for junior’s brain.