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old dog no playold dog no play

Signs It May Be Time to Put Your Dog or Cat to Sleep

Try seeing the world through your dying pet’s eyes, vets say.

baby crib wavingbaby crib waving

6 Baby Monitor Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know

How to keep tabs on your baby without putting him, or your privacy, in danger.

video monitor babyvideo monitor baby

How to Choose the Best Baby Monitor for Your Family

Learn which features will bring you the most peace of mind.

newborn baby sleepingnewborn baby sleeping

Could a Baby Breathing Monitor Save Your Child's Life?

Keeping tabs on an infant's vital signs won't prevent SIDS — and could even be dangerous, experts say.

mom baby toysmom baby toys

Top Home Safety Tips for People with Kids

12 ways to better protect your most valuable treasures.

ecofriendly wrappingecofriendly wrapping

Have a Less Wasteful Holiday

From greeting cards to wrapping paper, we offer tips to recycle and re-use them.

cat playing with toycat playing with toy

5 Mildly Mean Things People Do to Their Cats (and Why You Shouldn't)

Scaring a cat with a cucumber may seem hilarious, but for a feline it's no fun.

cat christmas treecat christmas tree

How to Keep Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree

Don’t let your feline treat your evergreen like Mt. Everest.

holiday dinner familyholiday dinner family

Family Tension? Difficult Relatives? How-To's for a More Harmonious Holiday

If your family has difficulty staying in the same room for an extended time, these tips are for you.

cat sickcat sick

Pet Hospice: Help for Dying Pets

This compassionate alternative to pet euthanasia could help ease your dog's or cat's suffering as well as your own.

grandma on stairsgrandma on stairs

How to Senior Proof Your Home for the Holidays

Protect older loved ones and guests from falls, choking and other mishaps.

Father and son talkingFather and son talking

How to Talk to Your Child about a Disaster or Crisis

Help make the world seem less scary with these five tips.

holiday gifts catholiday gifts cat

5 Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

From the tree needles and lights to the holiday feast, keep your cat's or dog's wellbeing in mind.

kids on car seatskids on car seats

Would You Know if Your Child's Car Seat Was Recalled?

It may need critical safety repairs, so make sure you’re in the loop.

cat vincentcat vincent

Meet Vincent, the Cat With the Titanium Legs

High-tech prosthetics are giving disabled shelter kitty new mobility, veterinary surgeons say.