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santa mall with kidssanta mall with kids

How to Have a Sane, Tear-Free Visit to Santa

Avoid meltdowns with some simple planning.

puppy as giftpuppy as gift

Pets as Gifts: How to Choose a Keeper for Your Kids

A guide to which animals make the best (and safest) companions for a child.

Mom, dad and babyMom, dad and baby

Parenting Hacks for New Moms and Dads

Clever tips for surviving a new baby with everyone intact.

31 days 600x40231 days 600x402

31 Days of Holiday Safety

Deck the halls — and heed these hints — for a holly, jolly holiday.

Boy playing with Christmas toyBoy playing with Christmas toy

How to Buy Safe Toys

Make sure the gifts your kids unwrap this year won't hurt them.

woman seatbeltwoman seatbelt

Buckle Up in the Backseat, Experts Advise

About 400 deaths a year might be prevented if more people wore rear seatbelts.

beagle in cratebeagle in crate

How to Crate Train Your Dog — and Why You Should

For a canine, being behind bars feels cozy and safe — not like a prison sentence.

holiday family dinnerholiday family dinner

Here’s What to Talk about on Thanksgiving

Put all those complaints about aches, pains and digestive ills to good use: Learn your family health history.

dog cat big eyesdog cat big eyes

Quiz: 10 Common Pet Care Myths

As a pet parent, do you fall for any of these?

mom daughtermom daughter

Is Your Child’s Anorexia Treatment Up to Date?

Experts say families are part of the cure, not the problem.

mother daughtermother daughter

How Safe Is Your Child’s College Campus?

A little homework can reveal surprising answers.

sick dogsick dog

6 Coping Strategies to Help You Survive the Death of Your Pet

Here's how to get the support and comfort you need.


9 Common Foods a Toddler Can Choke On

Even a 4-year-old can gag on a grape or baby carrot. It's up to parents to know what's safe to serve.

soldier veteran depressedsoldier veteran depressed

How to Recognize When Your Veteran Needs Help

Returning soldiers often struggle with depression, addiction and PTSD. Here's what to do.

kid nightmareskid nightmares

Easing the Fear of Childhood Nightmares

The Mayo Clinic offers tips for more peaceful nights.