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baby winter strollerbaby winter stroller

Quiz: Do You Know How to Keep Your Baby Warm and Safe this Winter?

Find out how to make sure your tot's not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

toddler and teddy imaginarytoddler and teddy imaginary

Worried About Your Child's Imaginary Friend?

Here are 5 good reasons to welcome your kid's pretend pal to the family.

young man sleepwalkingyoung man sleepwalking

Sleepwalking: How to Keep Your Young Wanderer Safe

A teen who wandered for 9 miles in her sleep reminds us of the dangers of sleepwalking.

baby teethbaby teeth

Baby Teeth: How to Care For Those Tiny Chompers

Good dental hygiene starts early — even before the first pearly whites begin to emerge.

Two blue parakeetsTwo blue parakeets

Budgie Care: How to Help Your Parakeets Thrive

Avoid these 7 mistakes to keep your pet bird safe and happy.

Common Sense Media infographicCommon Sense Media infographic

Teens Spend 9 Hours a Day Using Media, Study Shows

From playing video games to using social media to listening to music, kids do it all day long

kids backpack schoolkids backpack school

Tips to Keep Your Child Safe at School

When an illness or emergency happens, a little preparation goes a long way.


Is My Child Old Enough to Babysit?

7 things to consider before you let your kid take care of other kids.

football backyardfootball backyard

How Not to Get Hurt Playing Touch Football

Don't get sidelined by your family's annual Turkey Bowl. Stay safe with these expert tips.

halloween infographic mainhalloween infographic main

Light Up Halloween, Urges Child Safety Group

Make your kids costumes "glow" so drivers can see them in the dark.

older beagleolder beagle

How to Recognize Dementia in Dogs

Could your beloved pooch be suffering from canine cognitive dysfunction?

kids on tabletkids on tablet

Tips for Managing Screen Time That’s Out of Control

8 ways to get your family life back in balance.

family playing cardsfamily playing cards

6 Ways to Get Your Kids to Stop Texting and Talk with You

Reintroducing your child to the merits of human contact.

boys playing video gamesboys playing video games

Questions to Ask Before a Play Date

Your child's safety may hinge on the answers.

baby kittenbaby kitten

Allergy Proof Your Kids — Not Your House

The best way to protect a child from allergies may be what sounds like the worst way