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Dog's earDog's ear

How to Spot and Prevent a Dog Ear Infection

If your pup is prone to painful ear infections, here’s how to get him some relief.

soap derby carsoap derby car

6 Ways to Keep a Soap Box Derby Racer Safe

Teaching your child these basic tips of the track just might make him a winner.

Pet medicinePet medicine

5 Ways to Prevent Pet Medication Errors

Protect your furry (or scaly) friend from dosage errors, medicine mix-ups and more.

dog digging holedog digging hole

How to Stop Your Dog From Digging in Your Yard

Whether he's born to dig or digs because he's bored, a canine can learn to keep his paws to himself

happy kids school bushappy kids school bus

Stop Bullies on the School Bus

Bus drivers are fighting back, and parents can, too.

donut pumpkinsdonut pumpkins

6 DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

No carving tools needed.

baby sippy cupbaby sippy cup

4 Reasons Your Child Should Give Up the Sippy Cup

If he's over a year old, a "big kid" cup will be healthier and safer.

bentology boxbentology box

How to Pack a Waste-Free School Lunch

Save the planet and your wallet with these efficient, cost-effective tips.


Happy Halloween Guide

Make sure your Halloween is the fun kind of scary.

halloween kidshalloween kids

Halloween Safety Tips

The only scares on fright night should come from ghosts and goblins.

goldfish tankgoldfish tank

Goldfish Care 101: Avoid These 6 Common Mistakes

Taking care of your child’s first pet is not nearly as simple as it looks.

Dog behind a fenceDog behind a fence

Signs of Animal Abuse: Would You be Able to Spot Them?

Plus, how to report cruelty to animals.

baby in slingbaby in sling

5 Warnings for Parents Using Infant Slings

Infant slings are wonderful for bonding with baby, but they can be deadly if used too early or the wrong way.

Kids watching TVKids watching TV

Looking for Quality Children’s Television? Check Out These Shows

Common Sense Media honors 25 TV series and specials for “exceptional media experiences.”

Halloween candyHalloween candy

Clever Ways to Celebrate Halloween if Your Child Has a Food Allergy

Treats can be tricky if your little one is allergic to nuts, dairy, soy or wheat.