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SafeBee Survival Guide

Be prepared for the unexpected, from facing a mountain lion to having a bat in your house to getting hit by a car, with expert safety and survival tips.

baby fingernailsbaby fingernails

A Don't-Be-Nervous Guide to Cutting a Baby's Nails

There's no need to worry about drawing blood if you trim an infant's nails right.

halloween candy croppedhalloween candy cropped

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Halloween Candy?

Before you buy your stash or dig in to this year's haul, test your sweets smarts.

don't get hit by a car infographicdon't get hit by a car infographic

Don't Get Hit by a Car

Teens and tweens: Staying safe goes beyond looking both ways.

Dogs with foodDogs with food

Is a High-Protein Diet Bad for Your Dog?

Think twice before you overload your mutt with meat.

cat suitcasecat suitcase

7 Things to Consider Before Going on Vacation with Your Cat

If you think your cat is up for an adventure, start planning weeks ahead of time, experts say.

School lunchSchool lunch

3 School Lunch Tips from Mom Bloggers We Love

Time-saving advice from busy parents to busy parents on how to pack a tasty, appealing lunchbox.

mom baby car seatmom baby car seat

Test Your Baby Safety IQ

Are you doing all you can to protect your little one?


Guilt-Free Family Meals

Registered dietitian Elizabeth Ward simplifies eating together as a family.

wooden stairs handrailwooden stairs handrail

Watching Your Step: Safety Tips for Preventing Falls Among Seniors

A fall can trigger a downward health spiral. Take these steps to prevent one.

Laundry lifehackLaundry lifehack

Parenting Hacks from Mom Bloggers We Love

Three cool ideas to make your day easier.

mom girl basketballmom girl basketball

Are You a Helicopter Parent?

There's a big difference between supporting a child's development and hovering too much.

toddler with dogtoddler with dog

Guide to Toddler Proofing Your Dog

Train your pooch to tolerate potentially annoying behavior, such as poking and tail pulling.

Hand signaling stopHand signaling stop

How to Get a Restraining Order

4 things to know about filing for a temporary or permanent protective order.

dog under blanketdog under blanket

Is My Dog Depressed?

Like people, canines may suffer from the blues.