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boy on tricycleboy on tricycle

Study Find Tricycle Accidents Send More Than 9,000 Kids to ER a Year

Many kids are too young for a three-wheeler, expert says

teen boy sleeping teen boy sleeping

Are Early School Start Times Hurting Your Teenagers?

Experts say their brains are wired to go to sleep later and get up later. Here's what parents can do.

French bulldog puppyFrench bulldog puppy

Want Healthy Pets? Spay or Neuter Your Cat or Dog

It's not just good for the planet.

Silver Cross Pram 1970sSilver Cross Pram 1970s

Safety Flashback: Baby Strollers

In the 70s, we showed less restraint — at least when it came to transporting tots.

dog and napping catdog and napping cat

Heartworm Symptoms and Prevention: What Pet Owners Need to Know

Do you know the right way to prevent heartworm — and how to recognize it?


What Pooch Owners Need to Know about Foxtails and Dogs

If these weeds get into your dog's body, the result can be devastating.

elderly man at home elderly man at home

Guide to Long-Distance Caregiving

How to watch over an aging parent from afar.

Dog's water dishDog's water dish

Is That Biofilm on Your Dog Dish?

Biofilm is the same icky stuff that clings to your teeth. Here’s how to get rid of it.

Dad helping daughter with homeworkDad helping daughter with homework

Study Up: 6 Ways Parent Involvement in a Child’s Education Can Pay off

Would you get an A for participation? Here’s how even busy moms and dads can make the grade.

dog learning to staydog learning to stay

4 Dog Training Commands Your Pooch Needs to Know

Teach a pup to obey these basic commands and he's less likely to get into trouble — or get hurt

pet botpet bot

Pet Selfies from PetBot Can Make Your Day Happier— and Your Dog's (or Cat's) Too

Watch your pet say cheese.

little girls with kittenslittle girls with kittens

Protect Your Kids from Dog and Cat Worms

Eye infections from roundworms blind about 70 U.S. kids each year.

Homesick college studentHomesick college student

6 Ways to Overcome College Homesickness

Plus, advice for Mom and Dad on how to help their student adjust.

goth girlgoth girl

Goth Teens May Be More Prone to Depression and Self-Harm

But study findings didn't prove cause-and-effect, only showed an association.

dog in a lakedog in a lake

Lake or Shore Bound? Don’t Let Blue-Green Algae Make Your Dog Sick or Worse

These blooms can actually kill canines.