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college football gamecollege football game

Having the College Safety Talk

6 critical things to tell your college freshman.

Mother carrying babyMother carrying baby

How to Carry a Baby Without Hurting Your Back (or Wrist or Hips)

Learn the pain-free way to tote your tot.

dog chewing bootdog chewing boot

Doggone Leather: Will Eating Your Shoes Hurt Your Pooch?

How to protect your dog from his chewing fixation.

baby swimming underwaterbaby swimming underwater

Should You Teach Your Baby to Swim?

"Self-rescue" and survival swimming classes are trendy, but are they a good idea?

dog at the vetdog at the vet

Should You Buy Health Insurance for Your Pet?

High deductibles, excluded breeds and conditions — consider these before you shell out money.

stressed out kid booksstressed out kid books

How to Stress-Proof Your Child

What parents can do to boost their kids’ resilience.

Kids wearing backpacksKids wearing backpacks

Take a Load Off Your Child: 11 Ways to Lighten His Backpack Burden

Let schoolwork be the heavy lifting.

Mother shopping with babyMother shopping with baby

How Should You Put Your Infant into a Shopping Cart?

The answer is, you shouldn't. Here’s why it’s a risky ride.

school busschool bus

Back to School Smarts

Keeping your child safe this school season is easier than long division if you know how. Follow these tips to make the grade.

Moving into a college dormMoving into a college dorm

College Students: 8 Things to Pack for Health and Safety

Shower shoes, an extra eyeglass prescription — campus life is better with these near-necessities.

Elderly person in a wheelchairElderly person in a wheelchair

In Case of Emergency: How Will You Get Your Loved One to Safety?

4 steps to helping an elderly, sick or disabled person survive a disaster.

elderly woman caretakerelderly woman caretaker

How to Prevent Dementia Patients from Wandering

Tricks and strategies for keeping your loved one safely planted.

Kids eating lunch at schoolKids eating lunch at school

The ABCs of Food Allergies in the Classroom

Take these 6 steps to keep a child with food allergies safe at school.

girl college phonegirl college phone

12 Ways to Keep Your Valuables Safe at College

Don't let thieves swipe your laptop, smartphone or gaming system when you're not looking.

Kids boarding the school busKids boarding the school bus

How to Keep Your Kids Safe at the Bus Stop

Could your tot ace a test on school bus safety?