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fresh veggies in fridge drawerfresh veggies in fridge drawer

Spoiler Alert: The Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator

Tips for keeping food fresh longer and avoiding cross-contamination.

beans in jarsbeans in jars

Healthy Eating Tweaks for Lower Blood Pressure

These three strategies can take a whole lot of pressure off

mixed nuts in wooden bowlmixed nuts in wooden bowl

The Best Nuts for Your Health

They're delicious, but not all equally nutritious

colorful reusable bagscolorful reusable bags

4 Supermarket Shopping Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes

Could your grocery shopping style put your family at risk of food poisoning?

man cleaning grillman cleaning grill

Is There Something to Bristle At in Your Burger?

If you're not careful, wires from your grill brush could sneak into your food — and poke your intestines.

pomegranate raw saladpomegranate raw salad

Raw Food Diets: Real Deal or Raw Deal?

Some celebs swear by them, but one nutrition expert explains why cooked may be king.

salad with olive oilsalad with olive oil

New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Will Drop Total Fat Consumption Restrictions

Nutrition experts endorse federal decision to drop the total fat restrictions and focus on quality of food instead.

condiments ketchup mustard bbqcondiments ketchup mustard bbq

Do Your Condiments Cut the Mustard When it Comes to Safety?

Don’t let food poisoning from that old bottle of ketchup or barbecue sauce spoil your cookout.

lady expired food fridgelady expired food fridge

Use-By, Sell-By, Best-By: Deciphering Food Expiration Dates

How to know when a label is telling you a food is unsafe, or merely past its prime.

olive oil in carafeolive oil in carafe

Is Olive Oil Really King?

It’s healthy and versatile, but it does have some competition in the kitchen.

iced teaiced tea

Iced Tea: Just as Healthy as Hot?

The answer: It depends.


Any Added Sugar Is Bad Sugar, Some Experts Contend

They see table sugar, honey as unhealthy as high-fructose corn syrup.

edible flowersedible flowers

Edible Flowers: Pretty Safe and Plenty Pretty

Blossoms that are as at home on a dinner plate as in a vase.

soda can pouring sugar soda can pouring sugar

Are Sweetened Drinks the Devil in Disguise?

San Francisco warning labels on billboards would make it seem so.


FDA Says No More to Artificial Trans Fats in Food

Agency gives manufacturers three years to remove them from all foods sold to Americans.