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infants and peanutsinfants and peanuts

Peanut Butter for Infants?

Proceed with caution and follow these tips.

vegetarian dishvegetarian dish

Good News for Vegetarians: You May Have a Lower Risk of Colon Cancer

Your risk of colorectal cancer may be cut by 20 percent if you follow a vegetarian diet.

microwave mistakesmicrowave mistakes

6 Microwave Mistakes That Could Harm Your Health

Find out if you’re making any of these very common but potentially hazardous missteps.

healthier school lunchhealthier school lunch

How to Make Your Kids' School Lunch Healthier

School lunches may be better for kids after all.

woman worried in kitchenwoman worried in kitchen

Food Safety Fails

10 common mistakes that could make you sick.


Pulp Fiction (and Fact): The Lowdown on Cellulose in Your Food

Are you eating sawdust — and is that OK?

french friesfrench fries

14 Surprising Places Gluten Hides

Gluten’s in way more than just bread and pasta. Check your fridge, pantry and plate for these stealthy sources.

peanut butterpeanut butter

Exposing Babies to Peanuts May Help Curb Allergy Risk

Researchers say giving small amounts of peanuts to young children with peanut allergies may reduce the risk of developing the allergy by 80 percent.


Unpasteurized Milk Is Trendy, but Is It Safe?

Raw milk epitomizes farm-to-table eating, but know the dangers before you decide to drink it.

cooking oilscooking oils

For Health's Sake, Quit Smoking...Your Oils

When oils get too hot they lose healthy properties and start producing toxic fumes.

dietary guidelinesdietary guidelines

Diet, Dog, and Dogma

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has released their report.

additive label recroppedadditive label recropped

Food Additives: Are They Safe, or Can They Make Us Sick?

The lowdown on seven additives and what they’re doing in our food.

toddler eatingtoddler eating

Packaged Infant and Toddler Foods: What Parents Need to Know

The harmful ingredients to watch for, and some easy kid-friendly alternatives.

canned tomatoescanned tomatoes

Should You Stop Eating Canned Tomatoes?

Combine a naturally acidic food with BPA in the lining of the can, and the results could spell trouble.

Midnight snackMidnight snack

Do Midnight Snacks Pile on the Pounds?

Not everyone agrees, but new research suggests when you eat may affect your weight.