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woman smelling gross leftoverswoman smelling gross leftovers

Quiz: Toss It Or Eat It?

See if you know how long foods last on the counter, in the fridge and in the freezer.

Raw chicken on a cutting board.Raw chicken on a cutting board.

6 Safety Mistakes Never to Make When Cooking Chicken

How to serve up a delicious meal without contaminating your kitchen or feeding your family salmonella.


How to Cook a Turkey Without Serving Up a Side of Food Poisoning

5 steps for cooking a turkey safely this holiday season.

girl eating hotdoggirl eating hotdog

Hidden Food Allergens: 18 Surprising Foods (and Drinks) That Have Them

Avoiding food allergy triggers can be tricky. Here are 18 surprising foods that have soy, wheat, eggs, gluten and other common allergens.

Cookie dough ready for baking.Cookie dough ready for baking.

Is Raw Cookie Dough Really That Risky?

Learn the truth about eating raw eggs and get smart ways to protect yourself from salmonella


3 Ways to Eat Safer Produce This Winter

How to avoid pesticides and still load up on fruits and veggies even when the garden’s long gone.


Milk Alternatives: How Do They Stack Up?

Not all dairy alternatives are created equal. From soy to almond to rice milk, here's what to look for, and what to avoid, in a cow's milk substitute.

pb hershey kiss cookiespb hershey kiss cookies

Does Your Diet Contain Hidden "Franken Fats"?

Learn where heart-threatening trans fats lurk and 7 ways to avoid them.

veggie burgerveggie burger

Going Vegan? 7 Things to Know Before You Start

A vegan diet is generally healthy — but there are a few nutritional pitfalls to watch for. Here’s how to avoid them.