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mixed berriesmixed berries

Berries Could Help You Lose Weight — and Here's One New Reason Why

It's not just that they're low in fat and calories, a new study finds.

couple ordering at restaurantcouple ordering at restaurant

Most U.S. Restaurant Meals Exceed Recommended Calories

American, Chinese and Italian meals average around 1,500 calories, researchers say.

fish dinnerfish dinner

Pregnant? Eat More Fish to Benefit Baby's Brain

A new study suggests even higher-mercury fish like tuna can increase cognitive function.

woman peeling potatowoman peeling potato

Pre-Pregnancy Potato Consumption Linked to Gestational Diabetes

Five cups of spuds weekly boosts odds by 50 percent, research suggests.


Yet Another Good Reason to Give Up Soda

Too many sugary drinks may increase deep belly fat that undermines your metabolism.

bone brothbone broth

Bone Broth Benefits: The Truth About the Health Hype

It's not the superfood some claim it to be, but it's not snake oil either.

salmon saladsalmon salad

Fish Has Amazing Health Benefits, But Americans Aren’t Eating Nearly Enough

Discover some easy, tasty ways to include more fish and seafood in your diet.

pizza box deliverpizza box deliver

Pizza and Takeout Boxes Are about to Get a Health Makeover

The FDA will ban chemicals used in cardboard food packaging that could be bad for you.

donut sad facedonut sad face

New U.S. Dietary Guidelines: Cut Down — Way Down — on Sugar

The report also recommends more fruits and veggies, regular exercise and cutbacks in salt, trans fat and saturated fat.

woman veggies grocerywoman veggies grocery

People May Eat More of a Food That's Labeled "Healthy"

Many subconsciously seem to consider it less filling, potentially leading to weight gain, researchers say.

champagne glasseschampagne glasses

How to Open a Champagne Bottle

To make sure no one loses an eye, learn the right way to open a bottle of bubbly.

santa bellysanta belly

Did You Overindulge? 7 Ways to Cure a Food Hangover

Get back on track as quickly as possible with these seven strategies.

leftovers in fridgeleftovers in fridge

4 Tips for Storing and Reheating Holiday Leftovers

Make sure your day-after turkey sandwich doesn't come with a side of bacteria.

Raw beefRaw beef

Please, Don’t Include “Tiger Meat” on Your Holiday Menu

This Midwest holiday favorite might give the gift of food poisoning.

Christmas cookiesChristmas cookies

Holiday Food Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Aunt Alice can't help spreading her cold germs, but you can make sure you don't spread food poisoning.