Next time you're killing time in the airport, instead of shopping for perfume or neck pillows, why not learn CPR? The American Heart Association (AHA) is launching kiosks that can help you do just that. The first one was unveiled at Chicago O'Hare Airport.

Why the initiative? Because the more people who know CPR, the more lives can be saved. According to the AHA, most people who experience cardiac arrest at home, work or in a public location die because they don't receive immediate CPR. More than 20 percent of cardiac arrests occur in public places, including airports. The goal is to get bystanders to be more proactive.

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The kiosks teach hands-only CPR, the kind recommended in most cases for teens and adults who collapse. After watching a brief how-to video, you'll practice on the attached rubber torso to the beat of the Bee Gee's "Stayin' Alive," which has the perfect beat.

After the lesson, you'll get feedback on how effective your CPR was, including the depth and rate of your compressions and hand placement.

“Cardiac arrest remains a leading cause of death in the United States, and survival depends on immediately receiving CPR from someone nearby,” said Clifton Callaway, MD, PhD, chair of the AHA’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care committee and professor of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh, in the AHA news release. “Although in-person training is still the best way to learn high-quality CPR, the kiosk will provide additional training that could make a difference and save the life of someone you love.”

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You can find the CPR kiosk at Chicago's O'Hare Airport on Terminal 2, just past the security checkpoint. There's also a kiosk that was installed in 2013 at the Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport as a test for the program. The kiosks are coming to Indianapolis International, Las Vegas' McCarran, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson and Baltimore-Washington International this spring.

Looking to refresh your CPR skills but aren't flying any time soon? Here are other ways to learn CPR:

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