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runner ankle painrunner ankle pain

Could a Gait Analysis Protect Your Joints?

You may feel okay when you run, but a gait analysis can find form problems that up your injury risk.


Are You Truly Allergic to Penicillin?

Surprise — most people who think they are aren't.

daylights savingsdaylights savings

4 Surprising Risks of Daylight Savings Time

Springing forward may be bad for your health.

Mother and baby in hospitalMother and baby in hospital

Drive-Through Hospital Births

A new study shows an alarming number of women around the world leave the hospital too soon after giving birth.

pediatrician child parentpediatrician child parent

U.S. Pediatricians to Add Poverty to Well-Visit Checklist

One simple question might help families avert serious health risks, American Academy of Pediatrics says.

3D printing3D printing

3D Printing of Complex Human Tissue Moves Forward

Scientists say they created tissue with blood vessels that survived for weeks in lab.

woman breathingwoman breathing

"Widowmaker" Heart Attacks Strike Women, Too, and May Feel Like the Flu

This deadly type of heart attack may seem like little more than a virus at first.

jeans waist linejeans waist line

Body Fat May Be Bigger Health Danger Than Body Size

Study finds fat levels a better indicator of early death than commonly used BMI measure.

Stressed workerStressed worker

8 Surprising Causes of Workplace Stress

These subtle stressors have nothing to do with bad bosses or workplace bullies.

man oxygen maskman oxygen mask

Home Oxygen Tank Safety

Do these things to prepare for having an oxygen tank in your house.

football boyfootball boy

Loose-Fitting Football Helmets Tied to Worse Concussions in Teens

High schools should have athletic trainers check players' head gear for proper fit, doctor says.


Life-Saving Vaccines You May One Day Be Able to Get

Could vaccines of the future make these diseases of the past?

pregnant woman doctorpregnant woman doctor

Inducing Labor May Not Boost C-Section Risk

Study also found that prompting delivery in 39th week did not affect health of baby or mother.

person hospital bedperson hospital bed

Elizabethkingia Outbreak Reported in Wisconsin

The rare bacterial infection has sickened dozens.

woman multiple moleswoman multiple moles

Study Questions Link Between Multiple Moles, Risk for Melanoma

Research suggests people with many of the blemishes not necessarily at higher risk for the cancer.