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Bottles of prescription medication. Bottles of prescription medication.

The Safe Ways to Dispose of Medications

Should you flush or throw away expired or unwanted drugs? Find out how to dispose of medication safely when you empty your medicine cabinet.


Have You Had Your Colonoscopy? They're Not as Bad as You Think

Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of this life-saving screening test.

CPR classCPR class

How — and When — to Perform CPR

Would you know what to do if someone stopped breathing?

woman on computerwoman on computer

​What’s Lurking in Your Family Health History?

Knowing your family medical history can help you spot major health problems such as breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and heart disease earlier and faster.

obese womanobese woman

Overweight? Blame Your Birth Year

An “obesity gene” packs more punch in recent years than it used to, a study found.


Can Soda Shorten Your Life?

New research finds a soda a day can mean five years of aging — similar to smoking.

Hospital emergency room sign. Hospital emergency room sign.

When Is the Safest Time to Go to a Hospital?

Scheduling surgery during weekday business hours, if you can, may be your healthiest move yet.

quit smokingquit smoking

Is Quitting Smoking on Your Calendar for 2015?

There's no better time to kick the habit than the New Year.

woman tired from runningwoman tired from running

10 Health Symptoms Women Should Never Ignore

Feeling tired, bloated or bothered by chronic headaches? Here are 10 health symptoms that women should never ignore.

A woman shows off weight loss. A woman shows off weight loss.

How to Choose the Best Diet for You

Atkins? Weight Watchers? Paleo? Zone? Or does it really matter?

Couple with the fluCouple with the flu

Flu Widespread Over More Than Half the U.S.

Learn the signs and how to protect yourself, courtesy of the Red Cross


Considering a Juice Cleanse?

You may be surprised to learn what a cleanse can — and can’t — do for you.

A young woman gets the HPV vaccine. A young woman gets the HPV vaccine.

9 Things You Should Know About the HPV Vaccine

The vaccine is proven to protect against cervical cancer and also cancers of the anus, vulva and vagina. Yet millions are missing out.

Couple holding hands walking awayCouple holding hands walking away

Why Self Esteem Can Protect You From Bad Relationships

And how to increase your feelings of worth.

Woman cleaning gym equipment. Woman cleaning gym equipment.

How to Stay Germ-Free at the Gym

Make sure your workout works for — not against — your health.