It isn’t news that more and more parents aren’t vaccinating their kids. It isn’t even news that this is one reason scary diseases like measles and whooping cough are resurfacing.

What is news: Some pediatricians are refusing to treat children who haven’t had their shots, worried that they’ll bring infectious bugs into waiting rooms and exam rooms. These bugs could pose a risk to kids who haven’t yet received all their vaccinations or can’t be immunized for medical reasons.

The American Academy of Pediatricians is not in favor of turning away young patients who aren’t immunized. It urges doctors to listen to parents’ reasons for passing on vaccines, clear up misconceptions and offer honest information about risks and benefits. The group recommends a pediatrician encourage a family to find another doctor only if “a substantial level of distrust develops, significant differences in the philosophy of care emerge, or poor quality of communication persists.”

How do you feel about the issue?