At SafeBee we’ve been hard at work all year bringing you stories that help you stay safe and arm yourself against threats to your home, family, health and money.

In case you missed them, here are some of our most popular, and most important, stories of the year.

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Hoverboard Concerns Heat Up. Thinking of buying one of these popular, two-wheeled hands-free scooters? They might look fun, but all your enjoyment could go up in smoke.

3 Steps to Secure Your Wearable Fitness Device Data. Your wearable is tracking more than just steps. Who else might have access to the information it contains? And how can you protect that information — your daily routines, your health data, maybe even your bank account information? Find out.

Should You Let Your Son Play Football? Talk of concussions took center field in 2015. One study found that most concussions among high school and college football players don’t even happen during games — they happen during practice. And even amateur athletes who suffer repeated blows to the head may be susceptible to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the degenerative brain condition at the center of the movie “Concussion.”

8 Things Consumers Should Know about the New EMV Credit Cards. Hopefully you’ve finally gotten a chip credit card from your credit card company. Here’s what to know about how to use them and how they do — and don’t — protect your data.

Death by Selfie? Are selfie sticks finally going out of fashion? We sure hope so, especially considering that people have died using them.

Dumb Things People Have Done with Drones. One of our staffers got not one but two drones for his birthday this year. Hopefully he’s not planning on making any of these potentially dangerous mistakes. (When selfie drones hit the market, we’re really in trouble.)

How to Survive a Fire. Yes, you should have working smoke alarms in each bedroom, on each floor where family members sleep and in the basement. And you should make, and practice, a family fire escape plan. But when the flames erupt, it pays to know exactly what to do to boost your chances of survival.

9 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Recycle. Want to do your part to save the planet? Recycle those crayons, pantyhose and sneakers. Here’s how.

5 Warnings for Parents Using Infant Slings. These are coming back in style, and there are good reasons to use one. But consumer safety groups caution that if infant slings are used too early or the wrong way, they can be dangerous, even deadly. Learn the facts.

4 Places Never to Keep Your Cell Phone. We’re more attached to our cell phones than ever. Some of the newest ones are too big for a back pocket — but you shouldn’t keep your phone there anyway (or in these three other places).

Hands-Free Talking and Texting Is Killing Us. You’re talking hands free, so you’re in the clear. Right? Wrong. The only good solution to distracted driving is to put the phone away altogether when you’re behind the wheel.

Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy 2016.

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