Maybe your child currently rides a Trek bicycle, or maybe you have one stashed away in a dusty corner of the garage or attic. 

quick release lever

Regardless of where it is, if your family has a Trek bike, listen up.

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Trek bicycles issued a recall today of nearly 1 million bikes after a malfunction caused one rider to become quadriplegic, another rider to break a wrist and a third to suffer facial injuries.

The recall affects bikes from model years 2000 to 2015 that have front disc brakes and a black or silver quick-release lever on the front wheel hub that opens far enough to contact the disc brake — 900,000 bikes in the United States and 98,000 in Canada. 

The malfunction involves the quick-release lever opening beyond 180 degrees and coming into contact with the front disc brake assembly. This could cause the wheel to separate or come to a sudden stop, leading to an accident. The bikes in question are priced anywhere from $480 to $1,650. 

Bikes with front quick-release levers that don’t open to the full 180 degrees haven’t been recalled. lever caught in disc 

According to Trek’s recall notice, “You should always correctly adjust the quick release on your bicycle before you ride. Trek’s Owner’s Manual contains detailed instructions for proper quick release installation and removal. If you do not have a Trek Owner’s Manual, see your local Trek retailer.”

If you have one of these bikes, contact a Trek retailer to get a free installation of a new quick-release lever. Trek will also provide owners who participate with a $20 coupon toward any Bontrager merchandise. 

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(Photos: CPSC)

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