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hurricane on weather maphurricane on weather map

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Hurricanes?

Learn how and when hurricanes form and what to do if you're in this raging storm's path.

trek bicycletrek bicycle

Have a Trek Bike? Nearly 1 Million Were Just Recalled

Certain Trek bikes are being recalled in the United States and Canada after a rider was left paralyzed.


What to Do When a Wildfire Threatens

Know how to protect yourself and loved ones when a wildfire burns.

biking in townbiking in town

Bike Safety for Newbies

Cycling is a fun, green way to travel, but make sure you know the rules of the road.

Mountain lion getting closerMountain lion getting closer

What To Do If You Encounter a Mountain Lion

Don't run from a cougar, and whatever you do, don't play dead.

tornado maintornado main

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Tornadoes?

Test your knowledge about these violent, whirling storms.

kid riding a bikekid riding a bike

The Best Way to Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

Chances are, those training wheels are just getting in the way.

Bee on a flowerBee on a flower

Buzz Off! 7 Ways to Avoid a Bee or Wasp Sting

Plus, the weird thing humans do to make bees feel threatened.

lawn mowerlawn mower

Be a Mow It All: 6 Smart Ways to Prevent Lawn Mower Accidents

Thousands of people land in the ER each year with mower injuries. Don't be one of them.

father and son riding bikesfather and son riding bikes

How to Safely Ride a Bike With Your Child

Steer clear of danger by following some simple rules of the road.

running shoesrunning shoes

Should Older Runners Embrace the 'Barefoot' Craze?

People over 30 may take more time to safely adjust to 'minimalist' shoes

dog parkdog park

How to Keep Your Pooch Safe at the Dog Park

A playground for pups – what could go wrong? Plenty.

Woman walking alone down a streetWoman walking alone down a street

10 Ways to Avoid Getting Mugged

A self-defense and crime-prevention expert offers tips to make yourself a less likely target.

flooded roadflooded road

Flood Safety Awareness Week: March 15 – 21

Use this week as an opportunity to get your family prepared for floods, which are the most frequent and costly natural disaster.

Backyard chickenBackyard chicken

The Pros and Cons of Keeping Backyard Chickens

It takes more than pluck to raise these birds. Keep in mind these challenges — and risks.