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How to Prevent Hail Damage

These plummeting iceballs can shatter glass, dent cars and wreck roofs.

Oklahoma City skylineOklahoma City skyline

What's Causing the Earthquakes in Oklahoma?

And if you live there, what should you do to stay safe?

Snow shovelingSnow shoveling

11 Smart Things to Do Before Winter Storm Jonas Hits

Check out our last-minute checklist to make sure you're ready.

plastic bottles beachplastic bottles beach

Plastic in the Ocean May Outweigh Fish by 2050

Here are six ways to reduce your plastic waste output.

A man shovels to dig out his car in Silver Spring, Maryland, on February 6, 2010. A man shovels to dig out his car in Silver Spring, Maryland, on February 6, 2010.

Weather News: Is Another Snowmageddon on the Way?

East Coasters may be in for a wallop this weekend. Here's what to do now.

Frozen car near Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York.Frozen car near Lake Erie in Buffalo, New York.

Ice Ice Baby: Winter Weather Turns Car into Ice Sculpture

When temperatures plunge, learn how to get out of frosty dilemmas like this.

Snow blowerSnow blower

Snow Blower Safety Tips: What to Know Before You Blow

A dozen do’s and don’ts for avoiding injury.

Ed Begley Jr.Ed Begley Jr.

Ed Begley Jr.’s 4 Tips for Going Green in 2016

The actor and environmental activist practices what he preaches.

el nino mapel nino map

What El Niño Means for Your Winter Weather

Depending where you live you may experience heavy rain, severe storms or a warmer-than-normal winter.


How to Survive a Landslide

Watch for signs of trouble, like tilting trees and doors and windows that won’t close.

cross country skiingcross country skiing

Yes, You Can Get Hurt Cross-Country Skiing

Here, tips on how to stay upright and in one piece.

ski lift ski lift

How to Avoid Ski Lift Accidents

Most chairlift mishaps happen when skiers are careless. Learn how to ride safely.

tree uprootedtree uprooted

How to Survive a Windstorm

Take these steps to protect yourself and your property.

tsunami citytsunami city

Tsunami Warning! Would You Know How to Survive?

Act swiftly to protect yourself against the wall of water heading your way.

Delhi smogDelhi smog

Delhi May Close Schools Due to Toxic Smog

Record levels of air pollution are threatening the health of millions of kids.