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Hurricane PatriciaHurricane Patricia

Category 5 Hurricane Patricia Aims for Mexico

One of the strongest hurricanes ever expected to hit southwestern Mexico today.

sea snakesea snake

Great Snakes Alive! Venomous Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake Surfaces in California

It's unlikely to bite, but if you see this refugee from the tropics, keep your distance.

nixie selfie dronenixie selfie drone

“Selfie Drones”: Next Year's Hot Holiday Gift?

These consumer drones are on their way. Is that a good thing?

kid in treehousekid in treehouse

"Nature Therapy" for ADHD?

Spending more time in nature improves concentration and significantly reduces ADHD symptoms, researchers say.

Hiking through the desertHiking through the desert

How to Survive in the Desert

Travel Channel survival expert Mykel Hawke offers tips for safe desert traveling.


The Animals Most Dangerous to Humans

Forget sharks. The animals most likely to harm you are much smaller — and much closer to you.

woman on ziplinewoman on zipline

Zip Lining Injuries Soar to All-Time High

Increasing numbers of thrill-seekers have been falling and slamming into trees and other objects.

boys rowing south carolinaboys rowing south carolina

Lessons from the South Carolina Flood

How to prepare for a flood and what to do (and not do) when the waters rise.


How to Survive an Attack by “Killer Bees”

They’re aggressive, they’ll chase you and they like to sting. But if you know what to do, you can leave them in the dust.

halloween lights househalloween lights house

Halloween Décor Safety Smarts

How to keep those Halloween decorations from causing more than a scare.


The 10 Driest Places on Earth

While water shortages in the U.S. make headlines, nearly 3 billion people globally suffer from droughts.


How to Survive an Avalanche

If you hike or ski in backcountry, be prepared.


Aerial Firefighters to Drone Operators: "If You Fly, We Can't"

Private drones have repeatedly disrupted firefighting efforts in California.

Tailgating partyTailgating party

Score a Safety (2 Points!) at Your Football Tailgating Party

7 tips — one for each point in a touchdown — to prevent mishaps before kickoff.

happy girl outsidehappy girl outside

Could More Time Outside Help Kids' Eyesight?

Kids who spend more time in the great outdoors are less likely to be nearsighted, a Chinese study finds.