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Backpacking equipmentBackpacking equipment

13 Tips for Green Camping

Eco ideas for an Earth-friendly escape

tree in foresttree in forest

Can Trees Make You Younger?

Want to feel like you got a $10,000 raise and turned 7 years younger? Look to the nearest tree-lined street.

Boy jumping in leavesBoy jumping in leaves

What's Lurking in Your Leaf Pile?

Look before you (or your kids) leap.

Giant hurricane seen from outer spaceGiant hurricane seen from outer space

How to Prepare for a Hurricane: 10 Myths about These Deadly Storms

If you think you should tape your windows, crack them open or head to a high floor, think again.

Young baseball fansYoung baseball fans

Crying "Foul": Baseball Fans Are Getting Hit

Some kids and other spectators have needed brain surgery after being struck in the head.

Tent campingTent camping

Camping Safety Tips

Venturing into the woods? Arm yourself with this advice.

How to stop a sinkholeHow to stop a sinkhole

Sinkholes: Is Your Property at Risk?

How to tell if your home could be swallowed.

man climbingman climbing

New Climbers: Avoid These (Pit)falls

How to reach the peak (and back) without an accident.

Raking leavesRaking leaves

10 Tips to Make Raking Easier

When the season leaves you no choice, follow this advice.

campfire marshmallowscampfire marshmallows

Avoiding Campfire Burns

Hot pan handles and day-old embers could spoil your fun if you’re not careful.

Camping in a tentCamping in a tent

Pitching a Tent: How Not to Botch It

Stake a claim to safety when setting up a campsite.

little girl sunglasses sunlittle girl sunglasses sun

Sun Smarts

There's nothing new under the sun — except for these strategies for staying safe.


What to Do If a Wildfire Threatens

Be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

beach ball flip flopsbeach ball flip flops

Summer Safety Guide

Enjoy summer's sizzle without the side effects.

woman sunscreen hatwoman sunscreen hat

How to Pick a Safe Natural Sunscreen

And avoid getting burned.