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kayaking in the lakekayaking in the lake

A Day at the Lake? Avoid an Ocean of Trouble

Before you or your kids go jump in the lake (or boat on it), get clear on the dangers of murky waters.

man snorkeling in reefman snorkeling in reef

Snorkeling Safety 101

How to explore beautiful reefs and swim with the fishes without getting into trouble.

woman with smears of sunscreen on her face.woman with smears of sunscreen on her face.

Most Americans Are Still Not Using Sunscreen

Most people get a failing grade when it comes to slathering on skin protection. Are you one of them?

Lightning strike in a dark blue skyLightning strike in a dark blue sky

Lightning Safety: What to Do During a Storm

How to avoid getting zapped, no matter where you are.

Bonfire on the beachBonfire on the beach

Bonfire Smarts: Do This, Not That

Don't flame out when it comes to safety.

hat glasses and sunscreen on beach hat glasses and sunscreen on beach

Test Your Summer Sun Smarts

Do you know how much sunscreen to use, when to reapply or what SPF is really enough?

Red-sided garter snakeRed-sided garter snake

What to Do if You Encounter a Snake

Plus, how to tell if a snake is venomous and what to do if you get bitten.

great white shark great white shark

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Sharks?

Hungry for facts about sharks? Sink your teeth into this test.

cracked asphaltcracked asphalt

Get the Facts About Earthquakes

How well does your quake knowledge stand up?


How to Treat a Jellyfish Sting

They’re painful, yes, but most can be treated with these simple remedies.

Man running with his dogMan running with his dog

Is It Safe to Run With Your Dog?

Before you put paws to pavement, brush up on the safest way to exercise with your pup.


Getting Rid of Skunks — and Skunk Smell

What to do if you or your pet gets sprayed (forget tomato juice), and how to keep skunks out of your yard.

Home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Chadwick, N.J.Home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Chadwick, N.J.

8 Ways to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Hazards After a Superstorm Hits

CO poisonings surge after a disaster like Hurricane Sandy. Learn how to protect yourself.


What to Do if You Encounter a Coyote in Your Neighborhood

With a few simple tricks, you can scare off a coyote and keep your pets and family safe.

Urban gardenUrban garden

Urban Gardeners: Are You Growing Produce in Contaminated Soil?

How to prevent toxic chemicals and metals from seeping into your fruits, herbs and vegetables.