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colorful paintcolorful paint

The Hidden Dangers in Paint

Why to choose a low VOC paint — and make sure it's certified.

Neighborhood WatchNeighborhood Watch

7 Steps for Starting a Neighborhood Watch

There’s safety in numbers. Join forces with neighbors to show criminals they’re not welcome where you live.

Kids recycling plasticKids recycling plastic

Plastics: Can I Recycle That?

Just because a product has the recycle symbol on it doesn't mean your recycling center will take it.

mom kid bandaidmom kid bandaid

What to Put in Your Home First Aid Kit

Everything you need to be prepared for anything.

pug in a boxpug in a box

Dumbest Things People Have Tried to Mail

People have used the U.S. Postal Service to send some awfully strange stuff. Learn what's too dangerous to mail.

hand fire alarmhand fire alarm

How to Survive a Fire

6 steps for escaping a burning building quickly and safely.

man with tool beltman with tool belt

6 Steps for Hiring the Right General Contractor

If you want a renovation job done well, start by doing some work yourself.

ikea malm chestikea malm chest

IKEA to Consumers: Beware Tip-Over Hazard from Chests and Drawers

Two toddlers died after the company's MALM chests fell on them.

paramedics ambulanceparamedics ambulance

Medical Emergency? Help the EMTs Help You

5 ways to make their job easier when minutes count.

planet earth water croppedplanet earth water cropped

15 Easy Ways to Conserve Water

Small changes can yield big savings for you and the planet.

mailbox with junk mailmailbox with junk mail

Put an End to Junk Mail

Stop the madness and save trees, clutter and precious time with these simple tactics.

tiny house mousetiny house mouse

Animal-Friendly Ways to Get Rid Of Mice

From sealing small holes to using essential oils, pest control experts share their secrets.

first responder earthquakefirst responder earthquake

What to Do After an Earthquake

Dealing with aftershocks, injuries, home damage and more.

colorful bathroomcolorful bathroom

Quiz: How Safe is Your Bathroom?

Slips, falls and burns — is your bathroom putting you at risk?

Baby chicks kissingBaby chicks kissing

CDC Calls "Fowl" on Chicken Cuddling

Agency links four salmonella outbreaks to backyard flocks.