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mailbox with junk mailmailbox with junk mail

Put an End to Junk Mail

Stop the madness and save trees, clutter and precious time with these simple tactics.

tiny house mousetiny house mouse

Animal-Friendly Ways to Get Rid Of Mice

From sealing small holes to using essential oils, pest control experts share their secrets.

first responder earthquakefirst responder earthquake

What to Do After an Earthquake

Dealing with aftershocks, injuries, home damage and more.

colorful bathroomcolorful bathroom

Quiz: How Safe is Your Bathroom?

Slips, falls and burns — is your bathroom putting you at risk?

Baby chicks kissingBaby chicks kissing

CDC Calls "Fowl" on Chicken Cuddling

Agency links four salmonella outbreaks to backyard flocks.


How to Prepare For an Earthquake

If the earth moves under your feet, it’s important to know what to do.

Black & Decker Spacemaker CoffeemakerBlack & Decker Spacemaker Coffeemaker

5 Recalled Kitchen Products that Could Be in Your Home Right Now

These common kitchen appliances and tools have dangerous glitches that need repair.

toothpaste microbeadstoothpaste microbeads

Plastic Microbeads: Is Your Toothpaste or Facial Scrub Hurting the Environment?

Just say no to these teeny, tiny spheres, experts advise.

A home automated by a (computer) mouseA home automated by a (computer) mouse

When “Smart Homes” Are Stupid: How to Protect Yourself from Hackers

Report finds alarming vulnerabilities in home automation systems.

Blue torch light in the darkBlue torch light in the dark

6 Mistakes Not To Make During A Power Outage

Is that a live wire or a piece of rope?

sun sofasun sofa

Save Your Home from Costly Sun Damage

You can’t slather SPF-30 on your sofa, but you can protect it and other possessions from harsh sunlight.

water bottle beachwater bottle beach

Why You Should Break Your Bottled Water Habit

Tap water is just as safe — and it’s greener too.

rain barrelrain barrel

Rain Barrels Are Eco Friendly — But Are They Safe?

A few precautions will save you a barrel of trouble.

indoor compostingindoor composting

Don't Bug Out Over Indoor Composting

Turn your kitchen waste into rich soil without attracting pests.


Annoying Telemarketing Calls? Turn Them into Cash

Federal law penalizes companies by making them pay consumers they contact illegally. Learn how to take advantage.