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compost pilecompost pile

How to Compost Without Attracting Pests

A few simple tips will keep both small and large creatures away.

appliances on hand trucksappliances on hand trucks

How to Get Rid of Old Appliances

Help save the planet — you might even make some money in the process.


Make Your Home Safer With Security Plants

From high hedges to thorny shrubs and prickly flowers, all-natural ways to keep intruders away.

yard sale womanyard sale woman

10 Things Never to Buy at Yard Sales

Pass up that bargain couch, mattress, crib and car seat.

shovel dirtshovel dirt

Before You Dig That Hole, Dial 811

Underground electric wires and gas lines can pose safety hazards. Calling this number will help you avoid catastrophe.

Little sprout plantLittle sprout plant

10 Surprising Ways to Help the Planet

After you’ve done the obvious, consider these steps.

tree fallen on cartree fallen on car

Timber! 7 Signs a Tree May Be About to Fall

Learn how to spot dangerous tree and what to do about it.

raccoon in flowerpotraccoon in flowerpot

How to Get Rid of Raccoons

Tips for luring these masked invaders out of your house, and what you can do to keep them away.

lightbulb with handlightbulb with hand

Not Too Bright: Are You Using the Wrong Light Bulb for That Lamp?

Screw in the wrong bulb and you could be screwed.

house floodedhouse flooded

What To Do After a Flood

Once the floodwaters recede, follow these tips for safely returning to your home and dealing with the damage.


6 Smarter Ways to Light Up Your Home

A few easy, inexpensive tweaks can make your home safer.

Kid playground swingKid playground swing

Is Your Backyard Playset Safe?

A simple inspection can help keep your kids safe from injury.

baby in cribbaby in crib

5 Products Dangerous to Children That Could be Lurking in Your Home

If you have one of these products, either get rid of it or see whether there's a way to make it safe.

flowers in wheel barrowflowers in wheel barrow

How to Create an Allergy-Friendly Garden

By choosing the right plants, you can enjoy your yard in spring and summer without sneezing your head off.

baby in bathtubbaby in bathtub

10 Home Safety Mistakes to Stop Making Now

Chances are you’re guilty of one of these safety fails.