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Brown batBrown bat

What to Do If There’s a Bat in Your House (and How to Keep Bats Out)

After a bat in my home tested positive for rabies, my entire family had to get rabies shots.

Woman holding power drillWoman holding power drill

Power Drill Safety 101

Take these precautions when you’re holding all that power in the palm of your hand.

Gas burner on stoveGas burner on stove

What To Do If You Smell Gas

Hint: Don’t call the utility company until you’re well away from the house.

Marching antsMarching ants

Natural Ways to Bug-Proof Your Home

Environmentally friendly ways to keep out ants, roaches and other critters.

Little boy enjoying himself in an inflatable swimming poolLittle boy enjoying himself in an inflatable swimming pool

Inflatable Pools: Small Doesn’t Mean Safe

Whether it's a doughnut-shaped kiddie pool or a large portable pool, treat it like the potential hazard it is.

Packing boxesPacking boxes

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Packing for a Move

Saving money by packing yourself? Don’t live to regret it.

Woman looking in a pantryWoman looking in a pantry

Got Pantry Moths? Get Rid of the Infestation Naturally

The best ways to get rid of pantry moths are natural, safe and simple.

Nearly every home is at high risk for flooding.Nearly every home is at high risk for flooding.

Think You Don't Need Flood Insurance? That's What I Thought

If I’d known enough to have flood insurance on my house in Florida’s “low risk” zone, I’d still own my home free and clear.

IKEA expands its crib mattress recallIKEA expands its crib mattress recall

IKEA Expand Its Recall of Crib Mattresses

Some SULTAN and VYSSA mattresses create a gap between the mattress and head of the bed that could trap or suffocate infants.

Unencrypted wireless security systems are vulnerable to hackingUnencrypted wireless security systems are vulnerable to hacking

Don’t Let Your Home Security System Get Hacked

Unencrypted security systems allow hackers to jam your alarm and spy on you through your security cameras.


How to Get Rid of Bedbugs

When to try natural home remedies and when to call in a pro.

Home appliancesHome appliances

When Will Your Appliances Break?

Knowing when your fridge, washer or dryer may bite the dust (and how to keep them from doing so) will help you prepare for a big expense.

Outdoor grill with flameOutdoor grill with flame

Grill Safety: Read This Before Your Next BBQ

Whether you're using propane or charcoal, this advice will make sure your food is the only thing that sizzles.

orange phone receiver orange phone receiver

Fight Back Against Robocalls

Show those annoying telemarketers and scam artists that you’ve got their number.


5 Ways to Help a Compulsive Hoarder

Intervene before that severe household clutter endangers the hoarder — and their friends and family.