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LED and CFL lightbulbsLED and CFL lightbulbs

Ask the Expert: LED and CFL Light Bulbs

Get the low-down on LED bulbs, find out how to clean up a broken CFL bulb and learn the truth about CFLs and dimmer switches.

Nail polish removerNail polish remover

8 Flammable Liquids Lying Around Your House

Did you know these common household items could cause a fire?

running faucetrunning faucet

For Earth Day, Turn Off the Faucet and the Ignition

Experts remind Americans to conserve their natural resources.

Police carPolice car

When You Should — and Shouldn’t — Call 911

When in doubt, call — but don’t waste this resource.

Cutting boardsCutting boards

How to Clean a Cutting Board

5 ways to eliminate germs and sanitize your plastic, wood or glass cutting boards.


Have You Been Bamboozled by Bamboo Fabrics?

When it comes to bamboo in textiles, there's a catch.

storm shelterstorm shelter

How to Build a Safe Room

If you live in a storm-prone area, a safe room or storm shelter could save your life.

man on ladderman on ladder

Ladder Safety: How Not to Get Hurt

Ladder safety may seem obvious, but tell that to the 90,000 people who end up in ERs each year.

Cleaning bathroomCleaning bathroom

The Top Places Mold Hides in Your Home

How find and banish this allergy-inducing fungus forever.

Fresh airFresh air

Why You Probably Don't Need an Air Purifier

Using a machine to clean the air in your home won't necessarily improve your health — but it might waste your money.


How to Prevent an Explosion and Other Furnace Disasters

Furnaces are trusty appliances — until something goes wrong.

home inspectionhome inspection

Ask the Expert: Home Inspections

Getting a home inspected? Learn about digital cameras, how to choose an inspector and what to watch for in new and old homes.

Microwave fireMicrowave fire

Dumb Appliance Mistakes Even Smart People Make

Don’t even think about sticking a fork in the toaster, and are you sure that’s the right light bulb for that lamp?

Baby with diapersBaby with diapers

The Top 5 Disposable Diaper Brands for the Environment

It’s time for some trash talk about diapers.


Is Your Vacuum Cleaner Bad for Your Health?

Your vacuum may be sucking up dust, pollen and fungus particles — and spewing them right back into the air.