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woman sleeping on perfect pillowwoman sleeping on perfect pillow

Is Your Pillow Wrecking Your Neck?

How to choose the right pillow for your sleep style.

child's face pressed against windowchild's face pressed against window

Parents: Don’t Let Your Child Fall Out of a Window

More than 5,000 children a year go to emergency rooms after falling out of windows. Here’s how to prevent disaster and make sure your windows are safe.

Baby on changing table with motherBaby on changing table with mother

How to Keep Your Kid from Falling Off the Furniture

More than a million children a year tumble off changing tables, beds and highchairs — and land in the hospital.

choosing a water filterchoosing a water filter

How To Find The Best Water Filter For Your Kitchen Faucet

Use these tips to buy one that will remove the impurities in your water supply.

Electric space heaterElectric space heater

How to Use a Space Heater without Causing a Fire

Those portable heaters may be convenient for warming up a chilly room, but they’re hazardous, too.

portable generatorportable generator

Portable Generators to Blame for Hundreds of Carbon Monoxide Deaths

Protect yourself by making sure you’re using yours safely.

kitchen kniveskitchen knives

Are Your Kitchen Knives Destined to Slice You?

Why dull knives are dastardly, and how to keep yours sharp.

electric blanket safeyelectric blanket safey

Electric Blankets Are Cozy, But Are They Safe?

Learn the truth about the health risks, plus how to prevent burns, fire and shock.

preparing for blizzard Junopreparing for blizzard Juno

Carbo-loading or Snowmageddon?

Residents all along the Eastern seaboard are stockpiling food, water, shovels and batteries in preparation for storm Juno, aka the blizzard of 2015.

Mattress being examinedMattress being examined

What’s Hiding in Your Mattress?

A guide to the not-so-scary and just plain terrifying things that have made their way under your covers.


9 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Recycle

How to keep bras, Crocs, Nikes and pantyhose out of landfills

guard dog home securityguard dog home security

How to Secure Your Home Against Burglars

Reduce the risk of property theft — and worse — by “target hardening” your home

lightbulbs for better sleeplightbulbs for better sleep

The Lowdown on LED Light Bulbs and Insomnia

Change a light bulb, change your mood?

water bottleswater bottles

Plastic: A Bunch of Seriously Good Reasons to Just Say No

Get your green on and limit your plastic use with these tips.

kitchen hackskitchen hacks

9 Simple Hacks For A Hazard-Free Kitchen

Easy ways to make everything from food prep to cleanup safer and healthier.