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Dog laying on a carpet.Dog laying on a carpet.

Clean Carpet, Healthy Pets: How to Have Both

Your four-legged friends and wall-to-wall carpets can live in fresh-smelling harmony with these safe-cleaning tips.

A home in the winter.A home in the winter.

Make Your Home Warmer — And Safer — This Winter

How to protect both your house and wallet when the temperature plunges.

laundry roomlaundry room

Is a Hidden Hazard Lurking in Your Washer or Dryer?

Want to remove the mold from your washer, avoid fires in your dryer, and make both appliances last longer? Follow these tips.

carpeted staircasecarpeted staircase

​How to Fall-Proof Your Aging Parent’s Home

Falls in the elderly can cause head trauma and broken bones. Learn 7 changes you can make in your parent’s home to dramatically reduce their risk.

Family in front of a homeFamily in front of a home

Is Your Family Safe from Radon?

Many families don’t test for radon in the home, but here’s why they should.

frozen pipesfrozen pipes

Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be a real disaster, but here's what you can do so it doesn't happen in your home.


Are You Using Your Generator Safely?

9 critical do’s and don’ts to get you through the next power outage.


Don’t Let a Battery Set Your House on Fire

The hidden hazards of 9-volt batteries and how to store and dispose of them safely.

mom and daughter cleaningmom and daughter cleaning

Tips for Greener House Cleaning

From bleach to oven cleaners, cleaning sprays to kitchen sponges, get the latest tips for how to clean your home in a safer, greener way.

storage containerstorage container

5 Ways to Keep Your Stuff in Storage Safe

What to look for in a storage facility and how to make sure you are properly insured.

damaged homedamaged home

Why Your Home Might Be Dangerously Underinsured

Don’t wait until disaster strikes to find out if your home and possessions are adequately covered.

Puppy with a torn pillow.Puppy with a torn pillow.

How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

A new puppy doesn’t have to mean a wrecked house. These tips will help get your place ready for your new bouncing bundle of four-legged energy.

new year's eve partynew year's eve party

Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party?

If you plan to throw a New Year’s Eve party, find out how to keep your home safe and handle a guest who’s had too much to drink.

family watching firefamily watching fire

Quiz: Are You Prepared for a House Fire?

This fire safety quiz will test your knowledge on everything from smoke alarms to fire extinguishers, fire escape plans to what you should grab when you’re racing out the door.

People in front of a fireplace.People in front of a fireplace.

Is Your Fireplace Safe?

As you light up your fireplace this winter, avert disaster by avoiding these 6 mistakes.