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Pressure washerPressure washer

10 Ways Not to Hurt Yourself (or Your Property) with a Pressure Washer

Can you handle the pressure? Are you sure?

weather radioweather radio

You Should Have a Weather Radio If You Live in These States

They aren’t just for weather junkies.

Basement windowBasement window

Would You Be Able to Get Out of Your Basement in the Event of a Fire?

Basement fires are among the most dangerous. Here are four ways to protect yourself.

Woman with pizza in the microwaveWoman with pizza in the microwave

7 Dumb Microwave Mistakes

Don’t cook up trouble by using this appliance unsafely.

faucet sinkfaucet sink

7 Things Not to Do — Really — During a Thunderstorm

Is it truly not okay to take a shower or talk on the phone? A UL safety expert explains.

Clean dishwasherClean dishwasher

Stinky Dishwasher?

How to get rid of mold and odor-causing gunk.

organized kitchenorganized kitchen

Is Your Messy Kitchen Making You Fat?

Research shows too much clutter can lead to too many calories.

Tornado damageTornado damage

9 Ways to Prepare Your Property for Strong Winds or Tornadoes

Get your home ready now before a twist of fate makes it too late.

Lightning strikeLightning strike

12 Ways to Prepare for a Power Outage

Tricks to help you stay safe and comfortable — and save your food.

Hair dryer plugHair dryer plug

What the Reset Button on Your Hair Dryer Is For and When to Use It

Just in case that hair dryer falls into a wet sink or tub…

High-rise buildingHigh-rise building

5 Things to Beware if You Live in a High Rise

You may be living sky high, but keep your head grounded when it comes to safety.

Carpenter antCarpenter ant

Do You Have Carpenter Ants?

How to recognize and get rid of them before they destroy your house.

Cup in microwaveCup in microwave

How Safe Is the Radiation from Your Microwave?

A safety expert weighs in and debunks some microwave myths.

boy watching tvboy watching tv

5 Ways to Prevent TV Tip-overs

Nearly 20 kids visit ERs every day with injuries from TVs.

football helmetfootball helmet

Tips for a Fumble-Free Super Bowl Party

Five smart plays and two tasty recipes to make.