The first time a mom lets her child cross the street by himself is a milestone for both child and parent. But as our kids get older, we assume, or at least hope, they can do it without danger. Yet that's not necessarily the case. In fact, older kids on foot are hit and killed by cars far more often than younger ones, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

In the United States, thousand of pedestrians — including hundreds of children (the majority boys) — are killed by cars each year, according to NHTSA. And far more are injured.

Even as an adult, I sometimes find crossing the street difficult. (I've lived in some places with pretty nasty traffic, including Atlanta and northern New Jersey, where the drivers just want to GO already, almost regardless of who or what's in front of them.) But for kids, especially those who are always "plugged in" — crossing the street can be an overlooked hazard, as this infographic from Safe Kids Worldwide depicts.

SafeBee wrote about how to tell if your child is ready to walk to school alone, which offered some great tips for younger kids. But please share this infographic with your tweens and teens (post it on their Facebook page). It doesn't matter what they learn in school if they're hit by a car walking home.

don't get hit by a car infographic(Photo: Safe Kids Worldwide/Safe Kids Worldwide)